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  1. Mobil 1 0W-40 Availability/Shortage

    No, not particularly. Just what I've been using the longest. I've heard some not so nice things about Castrol but then again, some people say Mobil 1 is trash. I guess as long as you change it frequently, the brand doesn't matter.
  2. Mobil 1 0W-40 Availability/Shortage

    Does anyone have the insider scoop on Mobil 1 0W-40? Is it being phased out?? I used to get this at Walmart cause it was $25 for a 5 quart. The past 6 months, the Walmarts near me seemed to never have their shelves stocked. I check Amazon periodically and they have it but it's some ridiculous...
  3. A good front splitter that will work with Non PP car?

    You can get a great DIY kit at Home Depot Racing.
  4. How to Retain Handling Without Front Sway Bar

    OP, numerous race cars run without sway bars. They are an easy solution to a problem and do their job well but sway bars are by no means necessary. You will however need some quite expensive coilovers. I would contact MCS, Penske, Cortex, Kohr, Multimatic, etc to see what they think and if they...
  5. Was track day photos

    The search feature on this site is terrible. It's impossible to find pages. Competition makes it more fun. Joyful track days are for practice and testing for the competition days. 👍
  6. Was track day photos

    Right here
  7. ApexPro Lap Timer For Sale

    Read through the post... Not to detract from the purpose of this thread, but how's the tire cost track driving compared to drifting?
  8. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Did the OP of this thread change??? Is that even possible? I don't recognize the name and the original creator had a GT350R.....and this thread started in 2015 but the current OP shows that he joined in 2018....
  9. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    +1 on 9Lives Racing! For those of us filthy peasants who can't afford carbon 😆 Though an AJ or RSFuture wing would otherwise be on top of my wishlist.
  10. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    I'd have to agree with the above statements. A wing is not what you need if top speed is what you're after. Maybe a low drag spoiler to rid some of the drag or even a good diffuser. Hell, a flat bottom floor would help you more than a wing for your use case. I see that you have a supercharger...
  11. Ewheels Road Course Build

    I actually submitted a different lap for review than the one in my earlier post. Though the linked lap above was technically faster, it was much sloppier. You are absolutely right; there were several apexes missed in this video.
  12. Brembo 15" on the rear

    These would be a waste on the track too... National title winning S550's are on factory rear calipers. Hell, the AP Racing kit is less than these Brembos. Here; half the price and WAY better quality
  13. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area (Corona, Riverside, LA & Imperial County)!

    Ok, I'll be at C&C but I won't be meeting at the Chevron. That's another 30 miles south for me. This is assuming AutoZone has my oil in stock so I can change it tonight.
  14. Wheel offset question
  15. anyone ever run + 15 offset?

    Hell, a Lego kit of two life-sized wheels would be more than $100
  16. anyone ever run + 15 offset?

    This whole post is concerning. The fact that the wheels are only $100 should already be a red flag. And you want to machine off material?? This sounds like a catastrophic accident waiting to happen. Just save up and get quality wheels that were made for the car.
  17. New Conti Tire Out!

    Throwing in another option: I've had good experience with the Yoko V601 for a street tire. They're much cheaper as well
  18. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area (Corona, Riverside, LA & Imperial County)!

    I'll be there with a fresh coat of dirt from Buttonwillow
  19. Race seats

    +1 on just living with the dash lights. I understand this is a deal breaker for some but it saves so much time and headache.
  20. Mach 1 alignment tips please

    Does this statement have other assumptions attached to it because zero front toe definitely does not wear the inside of tires. Speaking from personal experience and globally accepted practices for S550s that zero front toe is the best option to avoid tire wear.