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  1. Rear pad click normal ? (video

    My car has an audible click that comes from all four corners but mostly the rear during light breaking . This is most evident at low speeds. It happens in forward and reverse. I think I have isolated it to brake pad noise. And I can re-create it by jostling the pad with my finger . I feel like...
  2. 2022 CFTP allocation +5k ADM build to order

    Hey guys one of the sales people who I spoke with when I was originally shopping for my Carbon Fiber Track Pack contacted me and said that he has a customizable 2022 allocation for a Carbon Fiber Track Pack. They are asking5000 over. I will pass his contact info on to the first person who...
  3. Torque spec please

    Looking for the torque spec on these bolts. Anybody know it? I have seen 22 foot pounds but just want to confirm.
  4. GT 500 and Quick Jack

    A while back I did my first lift with a quick Jack and it was an unsafe situation. The front of the car is significantly heavier than the rear much more so than the GT 350. This caused the back of the rails to almost lift up off the quick Jack. It also did not help that pinch welds were digging...
  5. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    I would really like to get a set of taller standoffs for my CFTP wing. The Multimatic mustang GT4 wing standoffs are higher than the OE ones and look about perfect IMO. I have tried my best to find a set of the Multimatic standoffs without success. Are their any aftermarket options for taller...
  6. Power stop low dust break pads

    I was thinking of getting some low dust pads for the street. I will save my stock pads for when I take the car to Sebring. I have used power stop pads in the past. Seems they are only currently selling the front pad. I called the company and the lady couldn’t give me any specific information on...
  7. Front wheel spacing ??

    It seems like the front wheels are inset a little relative to the front fenders as compared to the back wheels which stick out a little more. Has anybody else noticed this? I wonder why they did it this way. ? Pushing those front wheels out just a little bit to line them up with the front...
  8. CF wheel plasma liner cleaning

    Man these turn ugly quick. Please post any tricks you have for cleaning that white plasma liner. I have seen some good results on YouTube with a steam wand but the wand in the video was $1400. Honestly I almost want to get some black or graphite color VHT paint and put it out of its misery.
  9. WTB GT500 Recaro rear seat

    I am in central FL between Tampa and Orlando. I am looking for a rear Recaro seat to match my CFTP car. Hit me up if you got one and are close.
  10. My Father’s Day cake !

    My girls gave this to me LOL . Thought you all would appreciate this .
  11. 2020 Magnetic CFTP on the way !

    Bought it today. Will have it shipped out later this week or early next week to my house. Pretty stoked, same color combo as my GT 350
  12. Race Red CFTP golden ticket +10k

    I found this car in the Southeast US. Race red CFTP Painted white stripe Tech pack listed as +30k they will do +10k I will not be buying this one. If you are seriously interested let me know I can pass along to the guys contact.
  13. CFTP FP blue painted stipe +10k

    Found this car, it is on the showroom floor. I won’t be buying it . They will do 10k over . Carbon fiber track pack Ford performance blue Painted white stripe Tech pack If you’re serious I can give you the guys contact info. ty
  14. CF wheel damage

    I found a carbon fiber track pack for sale with 800 miles on it, personal car of the dealership owner. They are currently at 10 k over MSRP. I went to see the car today it was filthy dirty which I find kind of irritating at this price point, especially when they knew I was coming to look at...
  15. CFTP rear seat un-delete

    Anyone know the cost to do this with OEM parts. I went through Ford parts online and I got totally lost. I would want to keep it OEM to match the front recaros. (If I ever successfully find a car ) :crazy: Ty
  16. 170 MPH on public roads ?

    Seems a bit excessive for public roads , IDK maybe I’m getting old.
  17. 2021 GT 500 Carbon grey 5K ADM on dealer lot.

    2021 GT 500 Carbon Grey Painted black OTT Tech pack Recaros Handling pack Southern USA MSRP 90k, they are asking 10k over but just told me they would do 5K. Car is on the lot at dealership. This car isn't for me. If your serious PM me and I can give you the salesman's direct #
  18. Painted OTT stripe and Vinyl side stripes possible ?

    Hi, I was doing a GT 500 build on fords website. It does not seem possible to get the painted OTT black stripe and the vinyl rocker side stripes. Is this correct ? No way to do this from the factory ? TY
  19. Replacement of stock exhaust dampers with KOOKS

    A recently developed a crack in the drivers and passenger side headers requiring replacement. I am suspicious that damaged exhaust dampers contributed to the failure. The dampers cannot be ordered from Ford. They will only sell them as a part of the catalytic converter assembly whick is $1000+...
  20. Building of the voodoo, nice article

    This is not my content. The author is listed below. I found this to be a nice article. Figured some of you guys would want to read it. Link to the original article Follow Along As...