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  1. Long Tube Header Primary Size???

    What size long tube headers would you guys recommend for a stock gt500? Are stock power levels high enough to warrant 2 inch primaries over the 1 7/8 inch? What about with 800-900 whp??? What about with 1000+ whp??? is there any situation in which a 2 inch header would be worse than 1 7/8 inch?
  2. 4500 miles; a nail, screw, & razorblade

    I got 3 nails in first 2500 miles. All within 2 weeks. Felt like somebody was after me and gave up after they saw me keep replacing them. 2,500 miles free now.
  3. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    This story is not a surprise, but an amusing occurrence. My 500 is my only car, but I work remote. It's stock for now, but I have some mods in the mail, and some sitting in my house waiting to be installed. anyway... I was enjoying some 'spirited driving' going home after meeting up with a...
  4. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    @LethalPerformance Wow, sold out of the Corsa mid pipes already or error in the listing? I was just about to order the Corsa double X and the Kong CAI this morning.
  5. 2021 GT500

    I personally think that’s high, but I just moved to Dallas and all new cars are marked up here. Even Toyota/Honda/Kia/Hyundai Saw a $10,000 markup on a $40,000 Kia Stinger Depends where you are at I guess
  6. H-Pipe Resonator Delete!! w/video

    Damn … was that really just an H pipe? It sounds like you picked up quite a few decibels. I’m comparing this sound to the stainless works redline with the X pipe and from what It seems like from videos online … yours with just the resonator delete H pipe is a good bit louder.
  7. Trunk is Coming Along/Sounding and looking Good ----

    How much did you put into this? Did you have the tech package with the subwoofer or did you alter the standard system? How does it sound? The speaker system is my least favorite part about these cars and I’m a huge audiophile. The bass is so weak. I remember the first time I heard the 12...
  8. New 2021 GT500 (PL1SKEN) - 1st ever Mustang - DCT vs Manual impression - Braselton, Ga.

    Nice We have same spec color and all. This is not my first mustang however. My first was a 2019 GT 5.0. a10. I assume I’m a bit younger than most with a GT500. I still get wild sometimes. Anyways, I love dropping it into 2nd on the highway and just ripping away from all the cars that could...
  9. Mustang GT vs BMW M2 Competition

    Should have just got a GT500. Handles much better than the 5.0 and the digital dash makes the interior nicer than any bland BMW imo. Definitely going to shit on a BMW on the highway as well
  10. Owner’s Thoughts After First 500 Miles in New GT500 – Realization of Long Time Dream Car

    It would end this month if everybody refused to pay over sticker The reason the dealers even feel comfortable asking for more than sticker is become some people have got into this scarcity mindset that somebody is fighting to pay over sticker as well. Like maybe if the car was going for...
  11. How much did you pay? What’s a deal? Handling Package?

    How much are you guys paying? I’m looking to get into a 2021 with the tech pack and handling pack. Is MSRP a good deal now, or should I be looking to get money off yet? Are there any incentives/rebates? How do you feel about the value of the $1500 handling package? I don’t intend to track...
  12. Better street tire than Michelin PS4S??? M/T Street Comp???

    Time for a new set of tires. I'm looking for something that would be an upgrade to the Michelin PS4S that come standard on the PP1. My main/only concerns in order of most to least important are; Hooking up on the street. Maneuverability/Handling Tire life I've started looking into the Mickey...
  13. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    I remember seeing in this thread some of you guys were having issues with the car going into limp mode after a few WOT pulls on the 2018/2019s. Is this still the case?
  14. Alter Catback for long tube fitament?

    So I’m running MBRP Race catback. I was watching some long tube videos and it was said that the mid pipes would need to be altered??? Is this actually correct? Would that still be the case if I were to run the same brand longtubes (MBRP) as my cats? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the...
  15. Are high flow cats louder ??

    Was the cat custom/something you rigged up, or you purchased them? I’m trying to get some high flow cats on my system too. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube where guys go the full cat delete plus long tube headers on like a Corsa and it’s just too loud. Is it up there in volume? I was looking...
  16. X-Pipe or H-Pipe... Loudness?

    I’ve got MBRP Race with Active. It’s deeper and also louder than stock. When I step on it, its loud with a weird “gurgle” that sounds good; light throttle is a deeper than stock sound, and no throttle it’s about as quiet as stock (well it’s deeper but not really enough that it’s obvious)...
  17. Are high flow cats louder ??

    Did you try the high flow cats? I’ve got the MBRP Race on my 19 and I agree it sounds good at times but a bit more volume and more bass (a hefty amount imo) would definitely sound better.
  18. What is the benefit of a wider tire?

    What is the benefit of a wider tire? I've been under the impression the compound of the tire and the tread of the tire determine the grip and the scenarios in how the wheel is beneficial. The PP1 comes staggered 255... 275.... If I were to run a wider tire in both the front and the rear but...
  19. What is Ford thinking ?

    Wow that's ugly. I drove a 2012 kia forte before getting my mustang. It reminds me of that and looks cheap as hell. Somebody should start a petition or something. I hope the GT500 does not have this downgrade also. I was looking to buy one in the next year or two.