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  1. Anyone running a GT with a MACH 1 Bumper and a GT500 hood?

    Show us your stuff!!! Looking for pics of GTs with Mach 1 bumpers. And if you got a GT500 hood that works too. Also; does anyone actually get oval lights to fit into the MACH 1 grill holes?
  2. What are your MyMode settings and how did you get them?

    What does everyone here ride in on their MyMode mode and how did you get there to set it? I used to have MyMode give me a decent amount of power but quiet exhaust in the event that cops were around I could flip it. Now with the Supercharger, and cops not seeming to care if I'm in TRACK...
  3. Anyone hook their dashcam up to the Ford WiFi Hotspot to upload to the cloud?

    Does anyone hook their dashcam up to the Ford WiFi Hotspot to upload to the cloud? I've got the BlackVue900X-2CH and have been thinking about having it hook to the Ford Wifi Hotspot however the prices here in Canada are pretty pricey so thought I would see what others are doing. Canadians...
  4. Brightness adjust buttons not adjusting SYNC3 screen (Roush Tune? Apple CarPlay CarLinkKit)?

    So this morning I was dropping the car off at Ford for them to fix my Roush tune (stalling at stoplights sometimes). Because it was dark at 0600 this morning I wanted to dial down the rightness with the two little buttons to the left of the steering wheel. Nothing happened. It adjusted the...
  5. New Member of the iPhone Nation needs CarPlay advice

    UPDATE: Let me preface this by saying I know there is no wireless CarPlay and Android Auto in the Mustang. I'm looking for adapters :) After years of being an Android guy, I'm jumping the fence to the iPhone. With the release of the iPhone 14 and my corporate EPP, I couldn't pass up swapping my...
  6. Canada - Ontario 2018+ Mustang GT Performance Pack Rims and Winter Tires

    4 Mustang GT Performance Pack Rims (Black) 2x Front 19x9 2x Rear 19x9.5 From a 2021 Mustang GT Excellent condition 4 Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 Winter Tires 255/40R19 size Excellent Condition (90% tread left - Even wear) Used for less than 5000km (1 winter) No patches, Plugs or Bulges -...
  7. Do LTH work with the stock Active Exhaust on 2021 GT with a Roush Phase 2?

    So I'm going to be installing an SC on the car and everyone says "Look, if you get an SC you should get LTH as well cause... flow". Will LTH work with the stock exhaust? I've got the Active Exhaust system on my 2021 GT Premium and I'd like to keep that as a thing cause my neighbours like it...
  8. Anyone know any Ontario Tire Shops selling Nitto NT555 R2 tires?

    Looking to get 2x Nitto NT555 R2 tires to replace my G2s on the rear. 305/35R19 is what I'm looking at
  9. Roush Phase 2 (installed by Ford) or Whipple Stage 2 (Installed by shop) on my 2021 GT Premium?

    My dilemma; I'm looking at installing a Supercharger on ye olde Mustang. I'm not looking to break land speed records I'm not looking to run 9-second quarter miles at the track (although 10 is nice) I'm not looking to have bragging rights of 800 rwhp at the car shows I'm not looking to have the...
  10. Shop installed Superchargers in Ontario?

    Looking at Supercharger Options my 2021 GT. Looking at either Whipple or Roush. I am aware Roush has a shop they deal with here in Ontario but that sucker is 3.5 hours each way. What other options are there in the GTA or SW Ontario?
  11. Battery cover pins? Part number?

    So I installed my hood struts today. Awesome product. However those little plastic pins came out of my fingers and drop down into the engine bay. So now I've got one out of three. Anyone know the part number on this?
  12. Nitto NT555 G2 (19") recommended tire pressures?

    What tire pressures are you guys running? Nitto NT555 G2 tires 275/35R19 in the front 305/35R19 in the rear
  13. Where did you mount your dashcam when you have the Black Box behind your rearview mirror?

    I had to stick my front to the right of the black box behind the mirror. Did anyone mount their cam to the plastic? Does it stick? Feels like it cuts off so much of the view that it leaves the left side fo the car vulnerable. Fortunately, BlackVue gives you an extra stick pad. The one in...
  14. Anyone in the Milton, Oakville or Mississauga area know any SINGLE ITEM movers?

    Anyone in the Milton to Mississauga area knows any SINGLE ITEM move companies? Looking to move a factory Mustang GT hood (already boxed) from the body shop in Milton to an address about a 25 minute drive away.
  15. Roush Powered 2021 Mustang GT "Ella" - My Build Journal

    PREFACE A few of you actually reached out to me to state that I should put a build thread together so you guys can follow along. Not a YouTuber (yet?), Not a Celeb, just an office drone who drives to the office; and occasionally to Coffee and Cars type stuff. HER NAME Most of us love to name...
  16. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    Been thinking of spicing up my steering wheel a bit. I've got the heated option. I've seen this one on a Tube channel (Toby, if you are out there) - 2018-2022 Ford Mustang Steering Wheel – Dyna Performance Just seeing what other folks have. Mine IS an automatic so I think the RPM LED is more...
  17. You guys got anything going on for July 4th - Canadians want to know LOL

    Do you guys have anything going on for July 4th that you wanna tip your hand about? My shopping cart has had a beautiful set of lights that @seabee133 swore on their next paycheck that the lights might possibly very well maybe go on sale?
  18. Switching from my Pixel 5 to an iPhone 14 when it's released - But what about Carplay?

    So I can plug my Pixel 5 into the arm rest USB cable port and it works. Most of the time. If I move the phone it sometimes disconnects etc. Android Auto has the Motorola product that was just released that sort of gives WIRELESS Android Auto to the Mustang. What does Apple have? Anything...
  19. Got a Mustang Wallpaper on your desktop? What you running?

    I'm running an Ultrawide but this is the one I'm using! What you guys running and anyone else have an utlrawide with some good Mustang Backgrounds? 3440x1440
  20. Anyone using a Motorla MA1 in their S550? Debating wireless options

    Ever have that moment where you accidentally jiggle the USB A to USB C cable on your android phone and then your PLEX/Spotify/Whatever cuts out and you have to jiggle it again and hope like heck Android Audio doesn't mess up? Anyone using the Motorola MA1 yet? Motorola MA1 review: So good it's...