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  1. which wheel? Do you think either wheel would look good on a white M1? Thinking of dumping black wheel.
  2. look at clutch line

    6 speed guys, look at what I believe is clutch fluid line? Whatever it is I can not push it on any further . anyone else.
  3. anyone have these SVE wheels?

    Item #WTK-188902HA Can t find a picture to see how these sit (if in or out on offsets). On a Mach 1 . What a pain trying to find exact offset without spacers. I love my OEM base M1 wheels but hate the tucked in look.
  4. auction vid

    check out this local collection. all for sale.
  5. Steeda good review

    Great to do business with!! Fair and easy to communicate with.
  6. good to do business with

    Ordered a part, had a little price/tax, sale mis understanding and Steeda stepped up and sent partial refund. No drama, one email and all fixed. Great company to do business with. I ll shop them first in the future!
  7. Mach 1 alignment tips please

    Decided to bring my 2021 M1 to dealer for an alignment. Car has 2000 miles. NoN HP. Stock, street driven only. Tracks straight until a few bumps come into play then it seems a little unsettled. What numbers do I want to insist on? 0 toe? It should be warranty if less than 12 months? I...
  8. rear under panel removal

    how easy was it to remove? Looks like dozens of screws? I want to do an inspection under that area for leaks etc... thanks.
  9. track attack aug 28-29?

    Hey I just booked my one day mach 1 track attack day. Just seeing if anyone else will be going on those dates? Thanks.
  10. Mach 1 (noises/normal)

    I ve had the Mach 1 since last year and now have 800 miles and all is good. A few noises that I am not going to worry about. Zero oil used at this point. So at around 2500 RPM (Only once in while) I hear a little flutter sound I assume from the engine. Very faint. Sound s normal but unique...
  11. local interested in tires (NY)

    I didn t know what area to post this because it s not a For Sale but but wondering if there is a local interest for new PS4S tires from my M1? I d like to go to All seasons but can t store the second set at this time.
  12. JTL Catch can part #

    Long story but ordered Ford performance oil catch can only to find a 4-8 week delivery (maybe). Going to cancel that order. Looking for the correct JTL catch can. Best place to buy and they all don t show Mach 1? The consensus here seems to be stay away from American Muscle. thanks
  13. oil filter

    Dealer gave me fl500s for 2021 Mach 1. correct?
  14. floor mats

    What do your cloth mats look like? Plain black, no stitching? and no rears included? Thanks.
  15. fast shipping, thanks

    Ordered some winter floor mats. Correct product shipped and fast. Thank you , mark
  16. spare tire kit? Modern. Will this fit Brembo Mach 1 (2021)... anyone have this and advise?
  17. oem tire?

    What s my oem tire going to be on a M1, non HP, standard wheel?
  18. mach 1 wheel sizes

    will 255X40 /19 on 8.5 inch oem (2019 GT) rims and tires be too small for my cold weather tire setup on my mach 1? How will the offset look? Looking for a good used set.
  19. rattle repair thread

    It is my hope to help this great community of people with some input I have seen through the years on many auto forums. Just as the title says, any rattles in or under the Mustang. Purpose is not to complain but to locate the noise and for those of us that have time to further eliminate noises...
  20. m1 issues yet?

    After months of reading the forum while waiting for my car I have 2 concerns before picking up my m1. I know the M1 is new but the engine is not. Anyone reporting the 2K engine rattle yet? Reading tells me it s prevalent on the 5.0. The engine ticking issue seems to be mitigated with ceratec...