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  1. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    I took my Oxford White GT500 for an oil change and sitting in the showroom was an Atlas Blue GT500 CFTP. Absolutely stunning and something my wife and I have been thinking about was picking up a CFTP. So, long story short, I traded in my 2020 GT500 (evened out too! ) and Ted Britt in Fairfax...
  2. Ceramic Coat results

    I applied Simonize on my Shelby and on my wife’s Trackhawk, it was a lot of work but the results were impressive! steps: 1. Wash/dry 2. Polish 3. Clay bar 4. Polish 5. Apply Simonize - cross pattern - two layers 6. Dry 7. Apply one final layer of Simonize done! The Trackhawk:
  3. CyberSecurity field - Seeking input from entry or anyone transitioning into the field

    Hi everyone, I am interested in speaking with anyone who is either entering the CyberSecurity field or transitioning into it. I would like to ask a few questions as I am performing some market research and would be interested in speaking to anyone who has a few minutes to answer a few...
  4. 2020 GT500 Owner Review

    Here is my review of my 2020 Oxford White GT500, I will break my review in parts. Day 1: Buying Experience It all started from an ad that popped up showing a GT500 at CarMax. It was a Saturday and I did not have plans, so I asked my wife if she wanted to come with me to test drive a GT500...
  5. Carlisle Ford Nationals...The show...Recaros...and Cicadas!

    I went up to the Carlisle Ford nationals on Saturday. I left my house around 6:00am and headed up 15 and then hit some backroads all the way into Carlisle. On the way up, a nice 5.0 was cruising along with me for a bit. The drive up was uneventful (even with Cicadas...) I arrived around...
  6. First sighting in VA

    I finally spotted another GT500, it was a black one on the west end of 610 in Stafford. Doubtful but I wonder if the owner is on here. Funny that the first one is near where I live.
  7. N. Va Recommend dealers for Shelby service

    Please post any dealerships which service Shelby’s that are good? I heard that Ted Britt Chantilly is good, are there any others anyone would recommend or had good experience with? thanks in advance!
  8. NOVA Car Meets 2021

    If anyone knows of any Car Meets coming up, please post here. The only one I am familiar with is Cars and Cigars the first Saturday of each month in Ashburn.