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  1. Black Friday sales

    Yes I saw that after I posted, Thanks ... .
  2. Black Friday sales

    I need my head examined for asking, But, You guys offer the WHIPPLE WK-3500-S1-30 on a Black Friday sale?? Thank you for your time and support, .
  3. Dark Horse S650 Mustang spotted in Blue

    Looks like Ford took some design liberties from the SRT Charger, But most new cars are starting to look alike these daze. The new Vette looks an awful lot like a Lotus, LOL .
  4. Lund flex fuel tune explained

    You're running a Flex Fuel Tune, fill up with 93 and store it. There's no reason to switch to a gas tune unless you just want to practice switching tunes. Otherwise why did you waste money on the FF tune? ./
  5. Dyno testing the New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold | Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    Why would you think it's a dud? Looks like it was redesigned to fit under the S550 hood and it does what the CJ was designed to do, Rev out past 8K. Steeda shoulda ran that out to where the power falls off the cliff. ./
  6. Close call last year

    I'm not against mashing the gas ever now and then, but only on a clear road. I never would blast around traffic like that. Back in the summer here an idiot on a crotch rocket had to be going 175 as he went blasting past me on 485 loop .. I was in the center lane [3 lanes] and never saw that...
  7. 8 second NA coyote?

    Like you sed, It wont be cheap, However, low 8's All motor can be done. Not an S550 chassis but you get the point. Evil ./
  8. Scammed by Jackson1320

    Awwww, look at those sad eye's, They just scream I didn't du nufin, Other than a pound of meth, I also though it was against the law for the law to actually arrest anyone in Lovely, Lovely, lovely Commie-porn-knee-ah ... .
  9. On3 single or ess g2

    A stick shift car and a DD that you want to be reliable?? Centri ./ .
  10. Check Engine Light (CEL) on after Kooks 1 7/8 Inch Long Tube Headers 2020 GT 5.0

    Bank 1 is the passenger side, Sensor 2 is the one for the catalytic converter. P0141 is an unusual fault, 1st thing to check would be to see if the wires touched the header. If the wires are good, swap the O2 to the other side and see if the fault follows. .
  11. Speeding Ticket via Laser from Moving Cop Car Approachin me?

    Like Evolvd sed, Get a lawyer and let them fix it. I dunno what Texas laws are but I'd hazard a guess your ticket is just like here in NC, more of a Revenue generator than punishment. My niece got popped for 90 in a 70 here in NC and they dropped it to a non moving violation. Here's the...
  12. NA low 11s ~470rwhp to 9.xx ~700-720rwhp Procharger ?

    Here's a slip from Rockingham back in July, 90 degrees miserable in them sandhills . Left lane is a Gen3 Vortech, He had Weld beadlocks, No idea what his full setup but, as you can see, he was rolling. I'd presume he had a smaller pulley and it smelled like he was running corn. A base...
  13. 409 rear gear results

    Search Lockdown18GT He ran 4.09's and and went to 3.15's IIRC. 4.09's are the wrong gear for the A10 3.15's are the right gear, They'll keep you in 4th on the 1/8th and 5th on the 1/4 on a 28" tire. ./
  14. Trading?

    Well, As long you establish that you're not a troll you'll be fine. Interact with people and see what happens. Good luck .

    Gas only and enough fuel pump, 800+ .
  16. Financing question

    Depending on how much you financed, The difference could be a couple thousand $$$ interest paid between the refi. I don't know about you, But I haven't liked any sales guy that much. And seeing the Fed is likely to do another .75 rate hike I'd refi sooner than later. .
  17. Help me understand E85

    Yes. The issue I seem to see here is Everybody calls pump ethanol 'E85' Even when the Pump Clearly labels 51%-81% Ethanol as Flex Fuel. Even on the Hellcat forums people constantly say the E85 around them only tests E70 or whatever, Well, Then That's NOT E85, It's Flex Fuel, LOL The BP...
  18. Help me understand E85

    Because he read it on the internet, LOL A test tube tester works, I use both the bigger Holley and a smaller vial type. They both read the same but the you have less waste with the small vial. The Sheetz stations around me have historically ran E70 winter blend and E80+ summer blend. This...
  19. Tips on how to control yourself when people try to race you?

    Normally I ignore people also, Simpler just to let em' go as I know very few have a time slip showing they can run 140 on the 1/4. But today I had an a**hat in a jacked up Dodge RAM try to roll coal on me and my Hellcat coming home from work after pulling away from a red light. I was sitting...
  20. Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tire 0-60 Times On The Street

    If you have the Roush tune, depends on your skill level, 11.0xx to mid-10's in good air. Too many variables on the street. Good luck and Drive Safe .... .