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  1. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Me too. I’ve seen a white one up here, is it yours?
  2. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    ive Seen his Work and it’s great for sure. The crestview c&c is kinda on hold last I heard. Last even was at the Rec center and had some shenanigans at the end of it and there hasn’t been one since. I went to the event at Destin Hooters once but then my car went in the shop and haven’t had a...
  3. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    I don’t have any close up before pics. It wasn’t in bad shape though. Cost was $1350 including the wheels.
  4. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Not sure if this is directed at myself but I do not have PPF on it at this point.
  5. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    And I’m in Crestview and work on Eglin.
  6. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    They are 305/35/20 in the rear. I thought about doing the 315/35’s but was worried about rubbing so I went with these. No regrets and they worked well so far.
  7. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Greg Mills did it for me. He’s got a small shop in Val-p by the coke a cola plant. I would like to hit up some of the c&c events for sure. Seems like I’ve always had something going on lately. Anything going on this weekend?
  8. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Local guy here in NW Florida did it for me.
  9. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    I have heard for a while that this is the way to go but man it turned out good. If you are on the fence, don’t be. Results speak for themselves.
  10. Saw CFTP for sale at local dealer

    Yep, I’m Crestview. I’m not sure exactly what they are. I peeked at the car while I was there but that was it really. They appeared to be of the traditional window vents you see on other cars and trucks. It’s possible they are some type of wind deflector I guess?
  11. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    No tire clearance issues?
  12. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    Agree, extra sidewall would be better just not sure on fitment.
  13. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    Hossman, any reason you went 305-30 vs. 305/35?
  14. Saw CFTP for sale at local dealer

    If anyone is looking there is a 2020 CFTP with painted stripes for sale at my local dealer (Crestview Ford). 4200ish miles and I noted it had window vents on it which I have never seen on a GT500. Performance Blue in color. Looks like they are asking 105k but not sure? I didn’t talk to...
  15. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    I thought so but I guess not. Checked the Nitto and M/T website. Sounds like the 305 will be just fine though.
  16. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    Got ya, appreciate the info!
  17. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    Even with the rears being 315 wide? I see the nitto’s are only 305’s.
  18. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    As the title says, which tires would you use for the stock non CFTP wheels? Looking for more grip for the street and few drag strip runs. Suggestions??
  19. She’s finally home.

    No doubt and I plan on doing that!
  20. She’s finally home.

    It wasn’t fun dealing with it that’s for sure. Communication was good but waiting on parts and they way they did their priorities really got me spun up a few times. Hopefully I never have to do this again.