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  1. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    Same here, I had a 2010 Kona Blue / Silver Striped GT500 and I loved that color. However, it did not seem to work as well with the S650 body, but when I saw the Atlas Blue, I was amazed at how good it looked.
  2. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    Absolutely, I will say that immediately the rims and suspension were noticeable. I will hopefully be able to take it out to a road where I was able to push my base to see how it compares. Of course, I will say that the CUP 2 tires alone make an incredible difference as I had them on my...
  3. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    I took my Oxford White GT500 for an oil change and sitting in the showroom was an Atlas Blue GT500 CFTP. Absolutely stunning and something my wife and I have been thinking about was picking up a CFTP. So, long story short, I traded in my 2020 GT500 (evened out too! ) and Ted Britt in Fairfax...
  4. If you live in a state that requires front license plate, do you rock one?

    No front plate here, on the Shelby or the daily driver SVR, which the dealer was kind enough to not drill into the front. Since it is a secondary offense, I would rather pay the fine.
  5. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Cleaned up a bit!
  6. Oil Filter Shortage?

    The GT500 oil filter has a metal inner mesh to resist collapse, I do not know of any alternative non-Ford replacement options. I will post details if I hear of one, it would be appreciated if someone posts any they hear of as well.
  7. Drive your car now, says Car and Driver

    Mustangs were made to be driven, each time I take my GT500 out, I am usually out most of the day.
  8. Decision Time - upgrade

    The deal is good as far as numbers, obviously the CFTP has several upgrades and from what I hear, it rides a bit rougher on the road (personally, fine with me!). From what you describe, the car has the makings of being highly sought after. When I found mine, I also found a black CFTP, which...
  9. Price Increases on GT500

    I was lucky to find mine just before everything went south. No ADM either, which was a miracle in itself.
  10. Waiting...... 2020 purchased but not here

    Congrats! That is a nice color combo!
  11. Serious question for 500 owners.

    My 2019 PP2 had the heated and cooled seats, I went with the Recaros in my GT500 and they not only fit the car in terms of looks/function, but they are also very comfortable. As other have said, if you are doing spirited driving, go with the Recaros as the standard seats will not hold you in...
  12. Raptor to TRX first week review

    The Trackhawk is amazing, it has utility, is fast, and handles very well. Also, they are going up in value, I would recommend one without hesitation. I was going back and forth between getting myself a Trackhawk or the TRX. I ended up going with the TRX since a truck is a bit useful to me...
  13. Raptor to TRX first week review

    Congratulations! I picked one up recently too! Amazing truck and faster than I thought it would be. Fits in nicely next to the Shelby and my wife’s Trackhawk.
  14. With the end in sight for the Hellcats, how much longer will the GT500 hold on.

    I would be surprised **correction** shocked if we see another V8 supercharged GT500 after the current model. With the Mach-E, I would expect a hybrid of some sort. The emissions standards are being set to purposely reduce/eliminate the larger displacement motors. Of course, a lot of this...
  15. 2020 GT500 Total Units Built - By Color

    The race red was my second choice, it's a deep red and IMO one of the best red colors I've seen in a while. If you like red, you'll probably like it! Good luck!
  16. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    Just to add to my story, although I was lucky enough to pay MSRP for my 2020 GT500 (I was ok with spending up to 5K over if I had to). The part I did not tell everyone is the number of dealers and deals I did walk away from due to the ADM's being 10K up to 30K. I was a bit surprised at some...
  17. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    That is true! I did not run into that however, you bring up a great point!
  18. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    I bought mine for MSRP however, part of that was due to the fact that they wanted my 2019 Z06 as they had a buyer for it. The same dealer marked up a different car I was interested in and refused to negotiate. I was a bit surprised however, I cannot complain since I paid MSRP and still made...
  19. GT500 vs Cayman GT4 Track Tested

    Thank you for posting this