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  1. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    You went from the automotive version of novocain straight to cocaine!
  2. FP GT350 for sale???

    Wow that seems like a heck of a deal! Lordy I wish I had the money and the room.
  3. A lap around Autoclub Speedway Roval in the MMR GT350

    What a cool video! And that transmission is impressive. Excellent work.
  4. Wheels...baddest ones you've seen?

    Did someone say Kona Blue with non-black wheels? Here you go:
  5. Supercharged GT350 Makes Insane Power on the Dyno

    That is a beautiful power curve! Wow good work, Steeda!
  6. Savagegeese GT500 video - Hilarious!!

    I laughed along with them for sure! Reminds me of me and my friends giving each other "spiritied" rides in our cars, with us laughing the whole time.
  7. 2016 GT350R considering to buy

    If you can get it with a warranty and you like the car, why not? Yes the Gen 2 engine is more reliable but if you blow yours up, they will put a new Gen 2 engine in it not a Gen 1 engine.
  8. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    Oh, and if I had a non-R GT350, I would definitely do the 20s no question - a 295/30/20 and 305/30/20 combo has a bunch of good tires available and the exact same overall diameter as the OE tires. Plus, any good aftermarket 20 is going to be substantially lighter than the OE heavyweights.
  9. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    I was concerned with swapping out the lightweight carbon wheels on my 350R for heavier 20s and went through an ordeal with 2 other well-known wheel companies sending me wheels that were 15-20% heavier than they promised me over and over (i.e. both promised 20x11 ET24 fronts in their...
  10. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Those calipers look superb! Let us know how you did it, please! I want to paint the Brembos on my Trackhawk.
  11. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    So many more tire options in correct overall diameter 20" tires. 295/30/20, 305/30/20, and 315/30/20. I have the Ford Performance labeled PS4S GT500 spec tires on lightweight 20" wheels in custom offsets (20x11 ET24 front, 20x11.5 ET61 rear for flush fit instead of the OE ET56 poke) on my 350R.
  12. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    Congratulations! What a beautiful color!
  13. Who makes a good 3” cat back for GT350’s?

    I'm not sure if the sound I would describe is a rasp (I think of uncorked X pipe Coyotes having a ton of rasp) but at say 4-5k rpm in 3rd gear next to a wall windows down, the noise can be really sharp. I went through a series of mid pipes on my R to mitigate it - H pipe, H pipe with 10" round...
  14. Who makes a good 3” cat back for GT350’s?

    I ended up putting the Borla Atack 2.75" catback on my 350R. Easy install, sounds great, zero drone. Not really much louder if at all than OE. I have noticed that it did take a little bit of the sharp edge off the sound when I have the windows down next to a freeway divider or wall, which is...
  15. Air filter advice

    I just cleaned my blue dry filter last weekend with about 7500 miles on it. The amount of bugs, hay, and dirt that came out of it was pretty shocking. I actually cleaned it twice because the 1st time didn't get everything out to my satisfaction. With regard to the oiled filters, they do...
  16. Where the heck did this come from??

    My long time Mustang mechanic told me the exact same thing! Too funny. And my car was built the week the factory reopened after the COVID lockdown and there have been some weird issues with it from day 1. I guess to put this to rest, can anyone confirm that there are only 2 of those nuts on...
  17. Where the heck did this come from??

    Haha man oh man I wish it was a joke! It's definitely the same style of nut used to fasten the hinges to the door (here is the top one and the bottom one is in place, too). The idea that is was lodged where it was it so weird.
  18. Where the heck did this come from??

    The 2 passenger side door hinges have the same nut correctly in place as I mentioned earlier so I am confused as to where this one came from. Driver's side ones are also in place.
  19. Where the heck did this come from??

    I noticed something sticking out from under the door on my Mustang. Turns out it was the lip on this large castle nut poking through. This appears to be the same nut as the one used on the hinges, but both hinges on that side have the nut still on them so where did this come from? Is there a...
  20. Is anyone running rims that are retro?

    Thank you!