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  1. G2179's Big brother.

    After nearly two years with my 2016 Tech I picked up HR923 this past weekend. Back in August 15 when I put in my order I didn't once think of pursing an R. After a year of ownership and a little softening of ADMs I realized I wanted to locate one. My dealer sold a 17 R at MSRP (they didn't even...
  2. Rail tracking!

    Looks like my car is on the rail (!!!):cheers: Can anyone share their experiences tracking? It's on CNS # ETTX712002
  3. ADM and Tesla

    Buying this car should not be this difficult. Its a Mustang one of maybe the best yet. If you want one can you walk in to a dealer and buy one? Anyone know why Tesla has no ADM when they were selling one of the most sought after cars