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  1. Minnesota For Sale: 2019 Shelby GT350 - Low Miles and Show Ready! With Extra Protection
  2. New Mexico 2020 Shelby Gt350

    Gorgeous. And it has Recaros. GLWS!!
  3. California 2019 GT350 with R aero and OEM+ modifications

    Is the car lowered? The wheel/fender gap seems smaller than stock.
  4. Z06 pricing officially announced, starts at $106,395 So what will this do to the GT350/R price?
  5. California 2019 GT350 with R aero and OEM+ modifications

    Beautiful car. Love the mods. Very tasteful.
  6. GT500 Carbon Fiber Wheels on a GT350

    check out Mustang Manny on instagram. He put them on his GT350R.

    Yup, same numbers. There is no excuse why we do not have numbers.

    I emailed Ford Show Parts today and got a response instantly. They sent me the same numbers above, but say "We are sorting through the data right now to be able to make a certificate later this year." Uhhhh, have they ever heard of computers? Could easily be done in minutes. The data is...
  9. Iconic R Owners Thread

    How do you like the QA1 carbon drive shaft? Do you notice/feel the difference?
  10. Lego Technic GT500

    My ordered pieces came today. Behold the stripe delete gt500
  11. Kustom Interior | Ford Mustang Custom Leather Seat Covers

    For the recaro? I don’t see them on their website. But I know that’s who Shelby uses for their SE models.
  12. mgw gen 2 shifter

    Is the install for the gen 2 the same as the gen 1? This video is very helpful, just wondering if it can also be used for the gen 2: Also, I do not see them on their website. How do I order? Call them?
  13. GT350R vs EVERYTHING

    This place looks like heaven
  14. 2020 GT350 Build Totals

    I check this site every few days. Once it says 2015-2020, then the numbers are available. But at this point, I am starting to think we will never know. @PP0001 do you have any insight into this?
  15. Replace PP2 Rear Spoiler

    How about the original 2015-2018 GT350 track pack spoiler...
  16. Formula 1 talk. Well this is interesting. Especially how rained out races will be handled. Also this for anyone who is going through serious withdrawals until the 2022 season starts...
  17. Leather -> Recaro Cloth Seats? Possible?

    This has been discussed a lot. All you need to do is find a set of Recaro seats. They bolt right in. For the wire harness, one of the ports wont be used since there is no ventilation. So your cost really is just finding a set of Recaros.
  18. Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Improves On The Best Tire In The World

    Well this is exciting

    I can't believe we still don't have 2020 GT350 official numbers. This is ridiculous.