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  1. Lead Time

    Looking good Hey ho lets go, time to beat on the brat :bow:
  2. Wing mirror New GT

    It's lazy Ford (again) oh and penny pinching, they have been the same since the first RHD models arrived in late 2015, you get used to it, and Ford's money saving ideas ! :crackup:

    my GT vert was only 3 years old when I had it re gassed last summer, was a little worried as it seemed to early for me, so local ATS did it (and checked system out for me) everything was good, cost about £80.00 approx, still working fine today, personally I wouldn't do this myself, but I'm...
  4. ESC, hill start, driving mode etc, Problems !

    Never did get to the bottom of it, ABS sensor would seem to be the problem, That was my first mustang
  5. Bristol Street Ford: Poor communication

    Last I saw Gibbo had a yellow Ferrari @Manders Mustang will know :like:
  6. Dash Signature

    Carroll Shelby passed away in 2012 , the very earliest RHD Mustang,s did not appear in the UK until late 2015, I'd ask for a new facia. Ruby red smashing colour especially when clean and polished in the sun light.
  7. Nokian Winter Tyres

    They did waiting to get them fitted 👍
  8. Interior lights not working (vanity, glove and map)

    Is there anything in the settings menu on the 18's ? worth getting the hand book out Ford have some weird settings on time.
  9. REDUCED TO £99.00 Brand new unused JLT Oil separator for GT 2011 - 2017, + boss + GT350

    Yes that's what I was told when purchased, obviously due to the lhd/rhd difference, hope this helps, Andrew
  10. REDUCED TO £99.00 Brand new unused JLT Oil separator for GT 2011 - 2017, + boss + GT350

    I'm really sorry I don't know the answer, only owned 15 - 17 models, Can Any 18 -19 owners offer any advice ?
  11. 4 x Michelin sport tyres for Ford Mustang GT (2015 and on) REDUCED all 4 tyres for £299

    PRICE REDUCED TO £299.00 FOR ALL 4 TYRES 4 x Michelin sport tyres for Ford Mustang (2015 and on model) Please note sizes & spec - Qty of 2 Michelin pilot sport 3 255 40 19 Tread 6.2mm too 6.5mm (100 y) ******************* Qty 2 Michelin pilot Super Sport 275 40 19 4.7 mm too...