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  1. Bullitt to Europe confirmed?!

    I'm 99.9% sure I saw one this morning in work, will go have a butchers later if it still there

    autoglass did mine, WHEN I had a mustang :) they replaced mine with ford branded glass within 2 days of me making the call
  3. My Competition Orange V8

    Looking good Steve
  4. My old stang

    I'm from London :). don't tar me with the Essex brush :P
  5. My old stang

    only had it touched up :)
  6. My old stang

    yea I noticed that, is not my home post code :)
  7. My old stang

    think I might buy it back lol , yea, he did get told there was a few mods done, is my local dealer aswel. wasn't impressed by them to be honest. and they told me they wasn't going to sell it but send it to a dealer up north (ish) , was on their forecourt next day, all dealers are same...
  8. My old stang

    Just seen my old banger on AT for sale AT
  9. It's gone, sob!

    sorry to see it go mate, but things move on :)
  10. Forscan Thread

    When I had my stang, I disabled mine, but when u want to enable them, you have to enable them in 2 different lines, Took me about 30 mins to suss it out,
  11. South East Meet Newlands Corner, 26th Feb

    Looks like I missed a good meet :(
  12. Scoops and vents - stupid question

    You have a convertible, and u worried about water ingress :)
  13. South East Meet Newlands Corner, 26th Feb

    I'm probably working on Sunday. Is optional overtime. But where I not got a Stang. Is too hard to turn down.
  14. NGauge not connecting to the PC

    the amount of usb cables I go through for my phone, they don't seem to last long nowdays
  15. NGauge not connecting to the PC

    try a different usb lead to start with
  16. Headlight Power Increase

    and? so gill lights are legal are they :)
  17. South East Meet Newlands Corner, 26th Feb

    Sounds good to me, might have to leave 15 mins before u to get there the same time :)
  18. My Competition Orange V8

    looking good mate, not jealous at all :)
  19. Fog lights

    I had these in mine, says h11 in fitment I still have them. Can look tomorrow
  20. Fog lights

    Be cheaper to get a set of h11 bulbs :)