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  1. GT500 for sale at dealer

    That dealership is notorious for high ADM and has some of the worsts people I've encountered. More than likely it's not sold and will be on the floor with somewhere north of 30k ADM.
  2. Lots of GT500s at Las Vegas Speedway!!!

    The difference between R and non is huge with the wheel being the biggest contributing factor, get behind the wheel of one if you can!
  3. Just got a call back regarding a GT500 inquiry months ago.... ADM dropped from 15k to 5k.

    If they dropped from 15k to 5k they'd take 2.5 in a heart beat. ADM is certainly dropping way earlier than on the 350s but I'm sure it will spike when the media gets their mitts on the cars.
  4. 2019 ZL1 is 3,883 pounds--I was surprised today..........

    Only read last page of this thread but I agree, the cars way late, poor marketing and at least 15k over priced when optioned up. I'd also say the market is pointing to signs of this as well, I've had 6 dealers who I previously contacted years ago reach out to see if I was interested in an...
  5. 2020 GT500 confirmed orders

    Before I passed my allocations I confirmed with regional rep(happens to be neighbor) POTS was a golden ticket option with or without CFTP. Capacity for both will be used alone or as a combo. Base cars with POTS could end up being super rare.
  6. 2020 GT500 Curb Weight and Dimensions Released

    That's bold statement.
  7. 2020 GT500 Curb Weight and Dimensions Released

    Damn, almost wish I kept one of my allocations, at that weight it would have pushed it to just about under MSRP....ouch.
  8. Dealership ask for $75K and $100K ADM for GT500

    I gave up my 2k deal and 2.5k deal, had two calls from other dealerships trying to sell their 5k allocations one even offering what I paid for my R....still not buying. Moral of the story overpriced when spec'd right and a year plus late to market. For those buying call around there are way more...
  9. Anyone not using their dealers Golden Ticket?

    Galpin reputable?? That has to be the worst dealership in the country, nothing but thieves and idiots working there.
  10. Are you in? Or are you out?

    Out due to timing and slight price concerns...the way I have my order setup would be pushing 100k, nuts for a mustang.
  11. 2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    Didn't read whole thread but I would have optioned pushing 100k, no thanks I'm sitting this one out...officially.
  12. Spied: 2020 Shelby GT500 in Race Red and Grabber Lime

    Can we get some logic and facts back in this thread. I have an airplane but it fly's like a boat.
  13. The elephant in the room: ADM

    I'm completely satisfied with what I've seen so far the only lingering concern is issue is timing and overall cost. If it gets into the mid 80s for carbon Pak it just prices it to close to other options. Plus with the bronco and some other fun stuff on the way the timing is just bad.
  14. The elephant in the room: ADM

    The deals are out there if your just looking your late or will need to sit it out a while. There's plenty to go around and many who may even step away and free up allocations already reserved. For me it's a year late and a McLaren short.
  15. Press release at Various Race tracks

    Haven't heard a word on a track tour which is ashame, my interest is quickly fading. Stopped in my local dealer today to get truck serviced and figured I'd haggle for the fun of it, quickly realized how dumb sales guys are. Fortunately it was all for fun and I have allocations already but this...
  16. Letter to FORD addressing ADM?

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  17. Lets Talk Price

    Everyone going nuts about ADM should consider the price gap between the 350 and the lack of cross shoppers that the 350 pulled in. The FPC was(is) special, a supercharged V8 is just that, will it be great yes but it won't be an 8,250rpm FPC. If its 4,200lbs that will further reduce the buyer...
  18. Lets Talk Price

    If the track pack is over 75k it damn well better be under 4k lbs.
  19. [UPDATED] First 2020 Shelby GT500 Sold For $1.1MM at Barrett-Jackson

    They got rights to buy vin001 first of the line months from now.
  20. What the everloving ^%#%&^$

    It would have been nice to know more details but this is idustry standard, no manufacture is going to give up the juice that early. I did expect a little more detail in the weight savings department but nothing ground breaking on HP/TQ.