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  1. Faint whistling noise when stabbing throttle

    Personally, I use a T-1000 liquid metal sword arm--find it gets me the best acceleration, but I do have to replace the pedals fairly often due to damage from the stabbing.
  2. Faint whistling noise when stabbing throttle

    @whatisgrip I have this same issue. I think I started noticing it after doing two of the same mods as you: my mechanic installed full set of Trackspec hood vents and a custom airbox cover to seal it (now that the hood above it is vented). I will update the thread with any info on mitigating it...
  3. Thoughts on this 2020 non-R

    OP, good luck with the GT350 hunt. It's a great model year (has all the incremental changes to suspension and engine over the course of the production run) and looks nice from these photos, but an in-person viewing and drive is certainly a good idea. Some comments: - I'm guessing this was used...
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Yeah, I hear you. That's how I view my regular splitter, which also scrapes going into my garage. How much worse is it with the R splitter? It sticks farther forward, but not necessarily any lower, right?
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I'm impressed (and surprised) that you can navigate SF with that R splitter...
  6. Pad for occasional track use?

    Thanks Kevin!
  7. What are the track guys using for pads?

    What do you run in the rear for pads? XR3s? XR2s? Thanks
  8. Pad for occasional track use?

    Thanks for the thoughts. The stock pads are great, but the pad life is really short for me, so I want something that will last longer.
  9. What are the track guys using for pads?

    @SchnellGT350 how are the Pagids working for you?
  10. Pad for occasional track use?

    @honeybadger, sorry if this info is covered elsewhere already (didn't see it in reading various brake pad threads on the forums), but what's the idea behind running less aggressive pad compounds in the rear versus the front? When do you run different compounds front/rear versus running the same...
  11. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Thanks. Yeah, I track it regularly (11 days this year since I bought it in March), so wanted to lower underhood temps and reduce the parachute effect of the hood at high speeds—less front end lift to some degree. I hadn’t run into limp mode due to high temps before the vent install, but engine...
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    About $1K for the vent and hood latch install and custom airbox cover. Still waiting for invoice on the painting of the vents.
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Picked up my car from Trent Musser after he installed painted hood vents from Trackspec and made an airbox cover, then drove it in a Saturday morning “rally” in the Bay Area. Lots of fun back road driving.
  14. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    Exactly. For my square setup with 11.5” wide wheels, I needed GT350R front hubs (extended studs would have worked also with my existing hubs, because I just needed longer studs, but they were out of stock everywhere) and 31mm spacers. Apex wheels has a great fitment guide for each of regular and...
  15. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan - $50 over Dealer Cost

    @[email protected] , to clarify, is Ford raising pricing (and thus you and other dealers will pass this on to plan purchasers)? Or is Granger raising its pricing? Thanks
  16. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    @Hangman77 Have you had any issues with your Borla exhaust? I bought my GT350 in March, and the prior owner had installed the Atak exhaust. I’ve done 9 track days so far this year and have melted two left rear reflectors due to exhaust heat, with the right one starting to melt as well. See...
  17. 19 vs 20 inch wheels

    I’ve got the 19” Apex forged wheels on my GT350, 11.5” wide, ET56. Am running 315/30 Continental ExtremeContact Force tires, which are a pretty beefy tire. Here are a few photos.
  18. GRABBER BLUE GT350/R Thread

    GB17shelbyGT350R sorry to hijack the thread, but got my number plates from Thom at Graphics by the Bay. I think they look awesome, thanks for the help here.
  19. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    The deflectors should be a good increment in rotor/caliper cooling. Trent said he has installed a number of them. There's already a kind of duct on the underbody tray behind the splitter that sends air into the wheel well, so this just takes that air and points it at the hub and rotor. They're...
  20. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Took the GT350 in to Trent Musser for some brake work: new air deflectors from Vorshlag, stainless lines from Goodridge, and fresh Castrol SRF. EDIT: Forgot that he also installed my Caliperfexion caliper studs as well. Thanks to @pilotgore for hooking me up with a set! After my job, Trent was...