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  1. Texas JLT Brake Kit

    JLT Brake Kit with black bezels ( JLTBCK-FM15-B ). Says 2015-2016 but also fits 2017 GTs - $150.
  2. Texas Shadow Black Trunk Lid WTB

    Looking to buy a shadow black trunk with or without factory spoiler holes. Must be in excellent condition. Prefer to pick up in either Austin, Houston, DFW or San Antonio areas.
  3. More facts about the Mach 1

    If this has been posted, Mods, please delete thread. Had not read anything about part of the steering column coming from the GT500. Apparently to help with feel and tramlining...
  4. Well at least it wasn't the Mustang this time...
  5. Battery Relocation

    Has anyone moved the battery to the trunk for better weight distribution? If so, details and pictures would be appreciated!
  6. Roush Performance Packs 2015-2016

    Just got an email that they are now available. Hopefully the Ford Racing ones aren't far behind...