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  1. CF wheel inner barrel ceramic coating repair

    As stated in their web site, Due to liquid consistence it can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun on surfaces of any shape and structure in the most hard-to-reach places;
  2. CF wheel inner barrel ceramic coating repair

    I was considering checking this
  3. GT350 WTB a OEM GT350 rear seat delete

    Great idea!!!! Thanks a lot!
  4. GT350 WTB a OEM GT350 rear seat delete

    Thanks!! How was the fitment?
  5. GT350 WTB a OEM GT350 rear seat delete

    Answered Thanks!!
  6. Retrofitting 2019-20 GT350/R Puddle Lamps onto a 2016-18 GT350/R

    Is not dificult to add BLISS and Heated Glass. Im considering doind it. This is the link:
  7. GT350 WTB a OEM GT350 rear seat delete

    Considering converting my GT350 to track use only. No big hurry I know this is a long shot find, If any body can point me to FP rear seat delete will be great. Thanks Guys
  8. GT Ford Performance Lowering Springs (GT350/GT350R/GT 2018-2020 with Magneride)

    If still available, What are the dimensions and weight, for check shiping. Thanks!
  9. Puddle lamps for a 18 gt350

    I bought one gt 2017 left side view mirror and planing on doing the swap on my 2017. I'm trying to find the C313 connector pinout to see if is plug and play.
  10. Finally took delivery of my 2019 Shelby

    Congrats!! Beautiful!!
  11. Mirror Replacements and Puddle Lamps It can be done, there is a guy that retrofitted a f150 with OEM wiring(other forum). I'm planning on doing it.
  12. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Lamps or complete mirror assembly? I was thinking in all buy the complete mirror assembly but I will need to get Bliss modules and some harness to connect them! to make the mirrors functional.
  13. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Im planning on doing both!
  14. 2019 ABS/Shock Tune - Backdate to previous years?

    I read this article: It says that is possible!
  15. Cobra puddle lamps

    Personally, I like it! I was reading that a retrofit was possible. Another guy from here was able to do it with bliss. Specific part numbers aren't not available yet, as has...
  16. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

  17. FRPP oil separators driver and passenger

    Still available?
  18. Ford Performance GT350 M-5300-W spring and GT350R spring comparison

    In for before and after on FP springs!!! Thanks!