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  1. Towing Question for GT350

    Couple pics of the FP design on the Mule. The only time I used these to winch the Mule onto the trailer was when the throwout bearing blew up and the car was immobile, so I used the front hook to pull the car up onto the loading ramps far enough so that I could get underneath and hook up the V...
  2. OEM GT350R Carbon Wing Catalog Pricing

    The above appears to show dealer price. According to White Bear Lake's parts website for that part number, MSRP is $12,015.68 and their "sale price" is $8,686.03.
  3. Gt350R PP004

    Howdy Fred - this oughta help..... somewhat of a build thread on your car posted by Terrance (@50 Deep) over on TrackMustangsOnline. By the way - check out post #8 for details on how to open that trunk.... hood push buttons hidden in the rear wing mounting pads...
  4. Gt350R PP004

    Noticed in one of the pics above that you have at least one key fob. Will the 2x function work to open the trunk? Not sure from earlier reply whether it's just the external switch and license plate lights that are gone or if the electric trunk release latch is disconnected / gone, as well.
  5. Gt350R PP004

    Re trunk - peer in through the hole for the back-up cam and see if the release cable is somewhere in that area. GT350 race cars usually have it poking out through that opening.
  6. Gt350R PP004

    Hey Fred - Congratulations on scoring PP0004!!! I'm very glad to learn that someone active on this forum was able to give it a new home. It's also great that you're into establishing it's provenance. All GT350s, especially R models, are special; this one even more so. I'm sure you...
  7. Enclosed trailering GT350 procedure

    No interference with the R splitter on the Mule, but I do add a pair of race ramps to the trailer ramps so that the incline stays around 5 degrees or so.
  8. Enclosed trailering GT350 procedure

    Correct - always want a nose-high attitude when loading and unloading, so that the car doesn't runaway into the front of the trailer.
  9. Towing Question for GT350

    I have a winch on my open trailer and the front end of the car overhangs the front of the trailer bed area, so connecting to the tow hook (mine is the FP version that protrudes from the lower part of the grill) doesn't work due to the angles involved. Instead, I follow the owner's manual...
  10. Enclosed trailering GT350 procedure

    Winch with a "V" strap connected to J-hooks under the car using the angled keyhole-shaped cutouts in the front subframe as shown in the owner's manual.
  11. FP GT350 for sale???

    The Mule and I had a direct contact with that black R (#51) just about a year ago at Charlotte. As I was stepping out of the Mule after loading it on the trailer, that R came rumbling up next to me and the driver stopped to chat (as much as he could over an extremely healthy exhaust). I asked...
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Same here - everybody is tucked away for the winter........
  13. FP GT350 for sale???

    Yep - they had two of their instructor "blow-some-steam-off" race cars available this past week.... a standard 350 and an R. Both have a bit more prep work done compared to the Track Attack cars, such as 6-point roll cages and such. Unfortunately, both were non-title cars (they have VINs, but...
  14. Z06 Redline is a jab at the Voodoo…

    Looks like lightning can strike twice. The Mule rocks!
  15. Bad day/ good outcome

    The dual-mass flywheel came apart (in some unknown way) on the Mule back when it was at FPRS West (Utah) and the resulting vibration actually cracked the engine block. And that, boys and girls, is the story about why the Mule got it's Gen2 engine.
  16. Clutch Pedal Stuck Down

    The Mule's clutch pedal stayed on the floor and this is what the throwout bearing looked like. No leaks...... just kabloey!!!!!
  17. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    And That's a Wrap! Well, the 2022 season has drawn to a close and with it, the "Back in the Saddle" tour. It's hard to believe that all this began just eleven months ago with a call from FPRS and their offer for me to be the Mule's new caretaker. What a whirlwind - the trip to Charlotte, the...
  18. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    Oh man; gimme a brake: Brief update on the Mule's brakes. For such a heavy and fast car, the Mule is fairly easy on consumables. This reinforces my impression that the GT350 is set-up really well out of the gate, but with a bit more tweaking, it can be made even better, which translates to...
  19. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    Presuming its from Factory Five based on that pic... great choice! I built a Cobra replica using their basic kit and have had eight wonderful seasons and 18k miles with it so far.