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  1. High Flow Air Filter from AirAid

    Just curious who is running the Blue High Flow Air Filter from Ford Performance that is made by Air Aid and if any significant difference that is noticeable.
  2. What Happened to Rumor Ford Would Produce a GT350 Performance Key FOB

    I recall several months back the rumor that Ford was going to issue a special Key FOB for our GT350s that would unlock more performance from the Engine ? I guess perhaps it was just that a rumor vs. something in reality. Just curious if anyone heard anything more on this.
  3. Selling 350R Here on the Forum

    All, is there a section here on the forum for posting your car for sale ? I am considering selling my HEP 350R.
  4. Motorcraft OEM Oil Filter Part Number

    Just had my oil changed on my '20 35oR for the first time this morning at my dealership. The invoice shows they used part # kr3z-6731-a for the oil filter and this part number although I see it come up when I google it seems a bit strange vs. the FL 2062 part #. Curious to see feedback on...