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  1. Restart AC poor performance

    Has anyone noticed AC or climate control doesn't want to quickly cool down cabin until 5 minutes later. It almost feels like the interior temp sensor is not reading the temperature correctly. AC runs normally if parked more than 5 hours but if I just go somewhere for 10 minutes and get back in...
  2. Interior ambient temp sensor issue?

    I know a lot of people have AC leak issues. Mine is some what odd. My interior ambient temperature sensor is not reading consistently. As a result, my AC will not cool off my interior fast enough unless I set temperature to LOW, then it blows cold air so there is nothing wrong with the AC...
  3. Sync3 with NAV crashes a lot

    I have it happened to me twice. In the middle of a drive out of no where, Sync 3 locks up and music just shudders. In about 15 seconds, watchdog kicks in and it resets and everything back to normal. Wish I bought a none Nav version.
  4. 2018 style steering wheel control on 2015-2017

    As you guys probably noticed the 2018 has the volume control in the right place (left side of the steering wheel). I wonder if it's possible to buy the 2018+ buttons and just swap them into my 2017?
  5. Broken wire tie

    I was moving some of the wire looms around under the hood because the guys didn't apply electric tape properly but I ended up breaking a zip tie holding down the negative battery cable by the strut tower. I have been to two Ford dealer and they can't find the part number. I tired to find...
  6. Yellow bug stained paint

    So I was washing my car today. The juice came off but the paint is stained. I tried polish, clay bar, WD-40, Goo Gone. Pretty much everything but this stain won't go away. It looks like whatever liquid that was on the paint was absorbed into the clear coat. Anyone has any idea how to get rid...
  7. More insulation around the shifter on manual

    I've owned both automatic and manual GTs and the manual lets a lot more noise into the car through the transmission shifter area. I can clearly hear the starter motor more than the automatic. Has anyone tried to sound deadening the manual shifter area?
  8. Adjust door closing?

    Is there a way to adjust the latch or the striker? One of the doors on my new Mustang is not closing tight enough against the window seal so water would try to get in.
  9. New car MT-82 whine

    Just picked up my 2017 GT manual. The MT-82 whines a bit around 2000-3000 rpm mid throttle. Sounds like a supercharger. It's rpm related not speed related.
  10. Loudness MBRP Street vs Roush AB

    Trading my current 16 automatic with Roush AB in for a 17 manual. I am thinking about getting the MBRP street but I don't know how loud it is compare to the Roush AB. I think the Roush AB is as loud as I would go.
  11. I love it so much I bought another one

    Okay, not really. I thought I could live with an automatic. I just can't do it anymore. So, I traded in the 2016 Magnetic California Special with 6 speed automatic for a 2017 Grabber Blue California Special with 6 speed manual.
  12. GT350 vs Supercharged GT Drag Race

  13. Two GT350 available for low ADM

    Posting for a friend works at Ford dealer in Desoto,Texas. TWO GT350 available. Low ADM. Buyers backed out. Call: 402-203-9403 Hayden
  14. My first Mustang and everyone wants to race it

    Everyone on the street wants to race it. Even mommies in their economy SUVs wants some action. Definitely getting more attention than my RX-8. What's you experience so far compare to the car you used to have?:headbang:
  15. Non-Torsen LSD type

    I know you can get LSD on Mustangs with or without Torsen but I am curious what is the non-Torsen LSD. Viscous type?
  16. Packing foam inside front defuser on GT/CS?

    I notice there are some polled up foam stuffed inside the front defuser. Is there a reason for that? Or just part of the delivery the dealer supposed to remove but forgot?
  17. Automatic Shift Feels Harsh

    I just got my 2016 GT automatic. I notice at light throttle, the transmission shifts pretty smoothly. At mid throttle, the transmission shifts gear almost like a manual. There is a small gap between one gear to the next. I have not tried full throttle because its still breaking in but definitely...
  18. Drive engage slow

    Just under 200 miles on the automatic GT/SC. I notice reverse engage pretty quickly but when going from revere to drive, it's noticeably slow takes like 2 seconds before the transmission sending power to the wheels. Is it normal?