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  1. Science is now cancelled?

    Similar to your ability to think for yourself.
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    lol different forum here bud. these idiots wear masks to bed.
  3. Hey so can we get the 7G shit off our site?

    This site is FULL of "over enforcement". Way too many Starbucks baristas on this site who can't take it when someone has an opinion different than theirs. Comedy, really.
  4. Hellion Time!

    That shit falls off after time and heat cycles. Been there, tried that lol
  5. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    Intercooler was fine and made 913whp on about 13 psi. I upgraded because the car was apart and figured why not. I did not have to do anything at all to the A/C and it still works beautifully. Front sway bar can stay and was on up until I installed the built motor. At that time, I installed...
  6. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    Terry (Beefcake) will give you a better price if you contact him in person. Send him a text or call.... He's a decent guy. Ive bought 2 kits from him and the experience was always good -- Paxton 2200 for my 2014 Mustang, and also a TT kit for that same car about a year later. Terry Beefcake...
  7. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Ive never understood why some of these guys prefer to save the pussy for the next guy. Makes no sense. Good on you, OP!
  8. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    Yep, its expensive to have people do your dirty work for you lol. I don't have anywhere near $14k into my entire set up including my forged motor.
  9. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    No bad choices guys, to be honest. Those ESS kits seem like they're performing great. This turbo kit I chose definitely requires one to have some decent mechanics and fabrication competency. Not a bolt on and go by any means.
  10. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    Update fellas.. all systems go. Turbo kit kicks ass and im still totally impressed. I get a lot of PMs about the Marco pump im using to scavenge turbo oil. It is part number Marco M164-080-12 UP6 2.1gpm 12v for anyone interested. Helical cut gears so it's quiet and pumps oil like a champ...
  11. Hellion Time!

    Keep after it! The timing issue is a real one. When I assembled my new motor, I had it long blocked and went to bed. In my dreams I wondered If I completed the cam timing properly. Woke up next day and sure as shit I was waaaay off. Glad I caught it!
  12. Mustang v. Plaid

    @Bikeman315 you change your pronouns again without telling us? Or maybe no trees to hug in the immediate perimeter. Get ahold of yourself. Great video, OP. And for the fools who think it's hard or expensive to build a 900+hp/9 second coyote Mustang -- Add $10-15k to the price of your car if...
  13. New Mexico 2020 Shelby Gt350

    SUPER nice car! GLWS
  14. Average S550 monthly payment?

    Damn.. im surprised it took 14 posts for this to pop up. lmaoooo
  15. Does your Gen3 knock at idle?

    Well, sounds like youre the expert I suppose. How many coyote's have you had apart? Good luck fella
  16. Does your Gen3 knock at idle?

    Sounds like rod knock on both videos, not piston slap. Further, the beautiful cross hatch in that cylinder pic indicates nothing wrong w that cylinder.
  17. 142 mph on true pump 93 octane!

    Impressive indeed. Is this car still running cats, @engineermike? EDIT- I see no cats. One of the big benefits of e85 w/o cats is you are damn near completely rid of the nasty gasoline smell.
  18. What 1/4 mile time do you think?

    Thats enough power for a 10 assuming a sticky track and a good launch
  19. Turbo Questions

    Yes. But then the "my power is instant" PD blower guys have no way to win races. :)