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  1. Are my exhaust valves modified?

    There is a possibility of corrosion depending upon where the car lived prior to your ownership.
  2. Are my exhaust valves modified?

    Valves should immediately close upon selection of Normal. Valves also close in 6th gear btw regardless of mode.
  3. A/C Compressor Moaning and Groaning

    Same symptoms and got the same answer from my dealer. I replaced it myself.
  4. Billy Johnson Service Announcement, PS4S

    Holy Resurrected Thread Batman!!
  5. Jason Cammisa on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 [Video]

    This video is why I eventually bought a 350. I lost track of the number of times I watched it and occasionally still show it to people when they ask what's special about a 350. Some folks may not have seen it so thanks for posting it up again.
  6. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Ok Fred, I’ll bite; the link I posted was for part # KR3Z-6A832-A which is the filter housing and filter. I select the link and that part # comes up. Is the link broken for you?
  7. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Blue Springs Ford Oil filter housing and filter. I just received my housing and the filter was included as advertised.
  8. Air Conditioner Issues

    I felt it was important to replace before something failed and sent FOD through the system. -Motorcraft Compressor from RockAuto $350 -Compressor bolts from Blue Springs Ford -AC compressor o-ring and gasket. -AC belt, because I cut the old one off. -134a -The “Essentials” thread that is...
  9. Air Conditioner Issues

    I did this. I ordered a new compressor and all other required items fromRockAuto and did it myself. I used a local performance shop to evacuate the system then I used my own vacuum pump to purge and charge the system after. I know it’s done right. High revs have a cost I guess. Mine is a 2020...
  10. Best brake pads for daily driving

    RockAuto has them. Just to add to what others have said: I spent a weekend driving scenic roads in the Ozarks and was able to over-drive the Z26s. They are great as long as you don't do any prolonged spirited driving/ track use. The Stock pads are fantastic for that so if you're just using it...
  11. Thermostat fail, new part is redesign.

    Isn’t that what I said?
  12. Thermostat fail, new part is redesign.

    Car wouldn’t come up to temp so it threw a code. Can’t remember which one, but basically the engine was below it’s normal operating temp because the thermostat failed open.
  13. Thermostat fail, new part is redesign.

    Just a heads up; 14,600 miles and the thermostat failed. I ordered a new thermostat from a Ford Dealer and upon examination the two are different. Verified the part number on the Motorcraft bag (BR3Z-8575-G) so I installed it with a new gasket. Works like a charm. I forgot to take a picture of...
  14. Tire Sizes

    Reposted from Lane Butler, (FB) Everyone enjoy your day and hopefully get out for a drive…
  15. Got some magic happening...need some luck

    Nope, square setup is great. I posted some pics and info in this thread. Use the search feature and you’ll find many threads about tires with lots of different opinions. Almost can’t go wrong, just do the research.
  16. Got some magic happening...need some luck

    Continental Sport Contact 295/35 square. Front and back. Get the car and you can get a spare set of wheels and cup 2s if you want as they become available. good luck đź‘Ť
  17. Cortex vs Steeda Rear Toe Links

    Thank you Sir.
  18. Cortex vs Steeda Rear Toe Links

    honeybadger, What equipment do you use when you do your alignments? I'm trying to look into doing my own and I think you probably have a better handle on it than most people. (please don't say you have a Hunter rig hidden in your garage...) Thanks