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  1. Rear droop starting to show itself

    I have a 2016 ecoboost that has quite a few mods, the car has been stellar so far but I am beginning to see a large gap between the panels where the back bumper clip is a fixed to the car, meeting at the rear quarter panel. I believe this is a common problem on these cars, is there anything I...
  2. Recommend me a set of tires

    I just got back from the tire store to have my tires rotated and they are at the expiration for tread, need to get a new set, what do you people recommend? The set that is worn out at 25,000 miles are Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's on a 2016 2.3L Stang which has been lowered and modified a bit...
  3. got windshield washer fluided again

    Some dope in a little ford escape apparently thought I was driving to close behind him, which I was not, and dosed me with windshield wiper fluid , these people are sad. Got an opening and blew past the guy while giving him a little honk, now I am going to have to take 2 minutes out of my life...
  4. Nice little beach beetle

    Snapped in the Palm Coast, Florida walmart parking lot this morning.
  5. Three Amigos?

    Saw two stangs parked with a space between them, looked like a picture opportunity, so snapped it, lol.
  6. Recall announced on 2-19-21

    Ford announced a recall of over 154,000 vehicles in North America due to older air bags that have the potential to explode on Thursday. More than 153,000 of the affected vehicles are 2004 to 2006 Ford Ranger trucks, with the manufacturer looking to find 45 missing and potentially dangerous...
  7. Engine falters under 60F

    I have a 2016 Ecoboost Stang that for the most part still runs like a champ except it seems that under 60F outside the engine chugs, sputters, pings, aka just isn't quite as responsive. During spring, summer and fall here in NE Florida when it is in the high 70's, 80's and 90's the engine is...
  8. Do You Love Me?

    Wow, just wow, lol Make sure you have sound on
  9. Be Careful and Safe People

    Massive 66 vehicle pile-up in northern Pennsylvania, fatalities and injuries. Pics are from State Troopers on the scene:
  10. One Ugly Car

    Recently came across some sites list of ugliest cars, glad my mustang doesnt look like this, lol.
  11. Mustang on tv last night

    Was bored so was watching a episode of the Neighborhood last night on tv and it featured a Stang that they were driving out west to a car show, nice looking, not sure it's legit or some kind of frankenstein car the tv studio whipped up, lol.
  12. Any Guitar players out there?

    I am just beginning to play guitar, got my Jackson JS22 Arch Top, a Zoom effects box and a 20W Blackstar Amp, I got some riffs down but I still need a lot of work, lol. Anyone else out there play, would like to hear your stories... Noticed Sophia's clips on You Tube, what a dream :)
  13. Porsche parking fail

    what a dope..
  14. RIP Sean Connery at 90 y/o

    The one true James Bond:
  15. RIP Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen died today after a long battle with throat cancer at 65y/o. He was mostly credited with inventing the tapping technique for electric guitar. He was introduced to the world when Van Halen's debut album released in 1978, still to this day one of the best hard rock debuts ever...
  16. I will take one, need donations, lol

    cover copyrighted , not for commercial use, thank you.
  17. Another shake up at Ford

    Tired of car companies fleecing the american male with bigger more expensive over wrought trucks everyday, enough all ready And yeah I have been in a bad mood all day, so sue me.
  18. Buddies or sworn enemies?

    Snapped this at the Walmart this morning, lol.