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  1. Ohio GT350 R/ Track Pack rear seat assembly

    Yes. It’s in the cardboard box in the pic. Sorry for the crappy photos. Let me know if you want to see something else
  2. Ohio GT350 R/ Track Pack rear seat assembly

    For sale is a complete rear seat assembly from a 2016 GT350 Track Pack. I originally acquired it to install in my R, but have since sold the car. Price is $1,000
  3. R owners looking for a rear seat assembly?

    I have a rear seat assembly from a 2016 GT350 Track Pack. The material matches the R’s front seats. The only difference is that the stitching is in gray where as the R’s is in red. I had planned to take the assembly to an automotive upholsterer and redo the stitching in red to match the front...
  4. Ohio 2017 GT350R Race Red, 2,650 miles, $60K

    For sale is a 2017 Shelby GT350 R. One owner. 1 of 21 Race Red with Black roof and Electronic's Package GT350R's built in 2017. Chassis # HR556. 2,650 miles. Never tracked. The car is Race Red with optional Black painted roof and Electronics Package. Aftermarket improvements include full paint...
  5. 2019 BMW M3 vs 2019 Mustang GT

    Your S4 sucked in the winter? Clearly you cheaped out and didn’t go with a dedicated winter rim and tire setup. My winter setup Audi’s have been way more confidence expiring than any vehicle I’ve ever driven, and I live in the snow belt.
  6. GT350 vs Supra / M2 Comp / 718 Cayman Review -- C&D Article Oct 2019

    I love my S3. Love it even more now with the Stage 1+ ECU tune and TCU tune. The tuned DSG is phenomenal. It’s my 3rd Audi, and I’ll always have one in my garage.
  7. GT350 vs Supra / M2 Comp / 718 Cayman Review -- C&D Article Oct 2019

    It’s impressive that the 350 is still winning tests into its 5th model year. All these cars in this test are interesting to me, it’s nice to know we still have the best one.
  8. Hertz Rent-a-ZL1 750HP - GT500 Competition

    Is GM definitely not putting the LT5 in the ZL1? It just seems like a no brainer and have an instant GT500 competitor.
  9. GT350 vs 1LE

    I dig that dark green on the 1LE. I’ve write up!
  10. Gt350 or C8

    If I didn’t have my R already, I would vote C8. The mid engine driving dynamics should be awesome.
  11. 2020 GT500 vs C8 Corvette

    Bait and switch is reaching out to a Ford dealer about their advertised GT350 price and then be told the advertised price is wrong, true price includes ADM. I can’t tell you how many times I went through this back in 2016 and 2017.
  12. Let's talk about the C8 vs the GT500

    That’s already available on the base C8.
  13. Let's talk about the C8 vs the GT500

    So....who’s still paying ADM on a GT500 now after the C8 reveal? The C8 looks like a supercar. Rumors are the Z06 version will be minimum 700hp with a 10sp DCT as an option. If the price increase on the Z is similar to the base C8, the C8Z will be the supercar performance bargain of the...
  14. 2020 GT500 vs C8 Corvette

    I’m totally impressed with the C8. I knew it would be great, looks much better than I expected. Below is my build on the Configurator. Z51 with high rise wing in Cyber Matrix Gray. Pure sex. Unless you are a die hard Mustang fanatic, I’m not sure why anyone would pay ADM on a GT500 now. Ford...
  15. GT 350 just got crushed by the C8

    So 600-700lbs lighter than the top dog Mustang. Yeah, some of you guys are right, the Mustang doesn’t compete with the corvette. I’ll take mine in Ceramic Matrix Gray with Z51 and high rise spoiler, please.
  16. Let's talk about the C8 vs the GT500

    I just built mine on the configurable with Z51 and high rise spoiler. OMG. Pure sex. Claimed <3 seconds 0-60. Not sure why anyone would pay ADM for a GT500 after the C8 reveal. Well done GM. You will be lightening my wallet in the not too distant future.
  17. Gt350r resale value?

    I was offered $62K for trade last Dec for my R. Great price on the target vehicle as well, but I chose to keep the R
  18. Painted on stripes 10k

    I agree with this post 1000%. I’ve seen nothing on my S550’s to suggest they will be done right.
  19. Not quite cheating on your S550 (what cars have u thought about and why, why not)

    My GT350R is on your list as well as the Golf R’s cousin, the Audi S3. 1. Every time I think of selling the R, reality sets in where I know there isn’t a driving experience anywhere close for the money. So that car is staying. 2. I absolutely love my S3 for daily duty. I’ve done some bolt on...