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  1. Cam Shaft position sensor location 5.0

    So this is kind of a weird question, my buddy has a 2016 Ford F150 with the 5.0 and he has an issue with the cam position sensor so he took it upon himself to order one and try and replace it. Well.. We can't find where the damn thing is on the truck. I thought I would post here as you guys...
  2. Magnetic Metallic owners

    I've picked up chips, but mind you I have 78k miles on this car in a little over 3 years so i was not surprised (Although the bumper crack caused by my girl backing into it was not ideal) i have no regrets or disappointments on this color at all. In fact it's holding up better than my fathers...
  3. EcoBoost Cobb AccessPort Mustang Ecoboost AP3-FOR-003

    is it unmarried? if the first deal falls thru i'll take it.
  4. I don't know if we all got the same windshield wipers, but how often to replace?

    I live in California in the baking sun, and only until i recently bought my house was the car garaged, so i replaced wipers every 4 months. (The sun would DESTROY them).
  5. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I think you mentioned like a dozen times on this thread about it being junk... we get it.. it's cool... people are still going to try it and have problems... it's fine.
  6. P0456 Engine light

    Was just heading to lunch at work and just got the P0456 CE code, for small evap leak. Has anyone had this? I found one thread that mentioned the Valve for the charcoal canister, but since the car isn't under warranty I'm going to try and check it out myself. it's a 16' Ecoboost.
  7. Fuel issue at 4700rpms. stock...

    I'm at 77k and it can sometimes hiccup at high RPM like it's getting a misfire *no codes thrown or anything, and i think i'm going to at least try an injector cleaner.
  8. Highest mileage and longest period with original evaporator core?

    I'm at 81k miles on my Ecoboost in the California High Desert weather (so it's being used 9months out of the year) and I've never had a problem. Although if it's sitting (I keep a sunshade on it)when i'm at work, when I get in and it's on, it's got a pretty interesting smell for about 5 secs...
  9. Rockstar Games Adds S550 to GTA5

    Well, this got weird fast.
  10. Sync System Shuts Off, Won't Come Back On?

    Mine still does this after it was replaced.. maybe once every 2-3 months. I usually just drive with it, (if I eject the CD and put it back in, it will play the CD) and the screen comes back on very faintly. Usually, if I say have the issue and go into a store or go to work, within a few hours...
  11. SpeedForm Smoked Tail Light Covers (15-17 All)

    if you still have them friday when i get paid i'll take them. Tho it would be shipped to cali.
  12. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    Hmm i might have to check my calendar
  13. Ecoboost Exhaust (stock)

    Anyone have a stock EB exhaust they are looking to get rid of? I'm looking to change back to stock and decided throwing my stock exhaust out was a good idea. Looking in the SoCal area.
  14. Magnetic trunk with Gt350r wing trade for spoiler delete trunk

    ug, why couldn't you be looking for one with a base wing :-(
  15. Stock Rims/tires

    Still looking.
  16. Stock Rims/tires

    Anyone have any (stock) rims and tires (or just tires) for the 18"s (235/50/18). I don't mind going bigger or different just looking at the $400 price range give or take. I'm located in SoCal but i don't mind driving.
  17. WTB: Cobb tuner 2016

    Looking for a Cobb unit for my 2016 manual EB. In the 300 range.
  18. FS-PP Wheels and Tires $600

    Why do these things come avail when I'm not prepared to purchase.. fml. Good luck with the sale!
  19. SoCal Meet & Cruise: Borrego Springs to Salton Sea - July 15, 2017

    Wish this was a little closer to me, driving 2 hrs down to Temecula first is rough
  20. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    StangATX, i've got to back out this time around, puppy decided he wanted a taste of a chicken wing that decided to get stuck on it's way out... $1400 down