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  1. California Triple yellow heat extractor

    Sold my mustang, no longer need these. No scratches. Had mine replaced with the rough ones the first thousand miles. Came off my 2016 mustang performance. Asking 50 shipped. Or picked up in Eastvale/Rancho Cucamonga.
  2. California McLeod high performance clutch line

    Brand new, never used. Sold the mustang before installing it. Asking 50 shipped obo
  3. California Race ramp (socal)

    Selling my race ramp with extension. Sold the mustang so no longer need these. Asking $250 picked up. Eastvale/Rancho Cucamonga
  4. ESCORT MAX360

    pending sale, I'll update if things change.
  5. ESCORT MAX360

    Bump 380 obo
  6. ESCORT MAX360

    BUmp. Open to offers.
  7. ESCORT MAX360

    Sold thank you
  8. TIP: OPG/CS install

    man I really don't want to do this but haven't found a shop that can do it for a decent price. Need to find a how to video or guide lol.
  9. recommendations for installing OPG?

    Any recommendations? Looking to get mine done soon in the socal area and was wondering how much is everyone paying and with who
  10. Are there any direct replacement options for the 5.0 emblems

    Kinda pricey
  11. 2015 mft screen and apim factory navigation

    What would I need to install this in my base model?
  12. SOLD: 2017 PP Wheels/Tires

    I'll be in san francisco in two weeks. Interested in the lockout kit...unless you want to ship.
  13. Installing the ROUSH rear Valence with Quad tips on a Base bumper

    damn looks good. So tempting but I'm kinda scared to knock this out lol.
  14. damaged PP wheels

    far south lol like an hour or so from sd.
  15. damaged PP wheels

    bump, shoot an offer I'm pretty open.
  16. damaged PP wheels

    Not really sure what to price these at but I'll toss up a number. 300 OBO. Im open to offers.
  17. damaged PP wheels

    The rear wheels. One has a small chip the other one has none. No curb rash. I'm in corona. Not sure what's the going rate for these would be.
  18. damaged PP wheels

    This is the RF wheel. No damage from what I can see, dirty....normal brake dust from brembos lol. The lf is curb rashed.
  19. damaged PP wheels