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  1. What are you all getting for L/KM?

    Literally NOTHING for 5 litre engine. You don't want to know the consumption of E60 M5 (5000cc) or E92 M3, or some italian V8 4300cc Ferrari 430 or Maserati Granturismo/Quattroporte etc. Ford did a very good job on that. :thumbsup:
  2. Accessport for the Euro Ecoboost

    Better check with Adam first.
  3. Converting CLEAR tail lights to RED with a vinyl kit

    Slightly darker. Still glossy.
  4. My Northern Pony

    At the fastback it is even worse: 1)you hit the head at the rear glass (not at the roof) even though you are 1.70 height. 2)you feel more imprisoned because you can't open even the small triangle side window. Suprisingly the rear seats are more comfortable at the convertible. Usually it is...
  5. Changing 25w D8S HID lights to 35w D3S bulb + ballast

    i'm wondering, who buys a lights without high beam???? Totally fail.
  6. Converting CLEAR tail lights to RED with a vinyl kit

    You will not need it. Third light on the convertible is red same as US.
  7. Let the dealer clean and prepare your new Mustang?

    I hope you did also take extra care of the fabric roof ;)
  8. Remove "AIRBAG" label from passenger side sunvisor (EU)

    In fact my mom also use the SAME EXACT method to remove oil drops or wax (candle) drops from clothes. It works 100% :thumbsup: Tell your mom. I'm sure she'll agree ;) greengrocer's paper bags are valuable.
  9. Tip: create an US address and use ship forwarding

    Just remind me : is it the street or the competition version? It is 4.5" diameter = 11.5 cm. :thumbsup: Also the mishimoto IC should be HUGE . Many times we can't think of the real dimensions based on pictures/videos.
  10. Remove "AIRBAG" label from passenger side sunvisor (EU)

    Actually who put the interior stickers? The factory or the dealer?
  11. Remove "AIRBAG" label from passenger side sunvisor (EU)

    Mom's help : priceless :headbang:
  12. 2015/2016 EU Mustang - Lightning stuff

    Because EU does not exist in terms of figures.....
  13. To be or not to be intercooled?

    As I said I don't intend to tune. Afterall even I wanted to, there is no such a thing for EU cars yet. P.S. there are better tricks for the GT than software tuning. (i.e. supercharger ;) )
  14. My Northern Pony

    Nordic Are you telling us that you had the chance and you didn't buy F430 because of the the rear seats? :doh:
  15. To be or not to be intercooled?

    Yes , I was thinking a mishimoto as well because it fits perfectly. As seen on video it is Plug n play job. Just 2 clamps and one sensor. Are the charge pipes really necessary? Regarding warranty, I'm not so sure.....there is an expression saying regarding warranty issues in my country: "you...
  16. To be or not to be intercooled?

    That's the question :D So, once I'll remove the front bumper for lights staff, I'm seriously thinking to also replace the stock intercooler with a bigger a more efficient one. Even the worst aftermarket model will be better than the stock one. No, I'm not intend to tune the car. Not at all...
  17. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Give us a feedback when you'll receive it. I have many queries about it which make me hesitate for placing an order without checking it. Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
  18. My Northern Pony

    Did you get F4 or the new F5 Nav map sdcard?
  19. Service manuals for EU?

    Any news on that?
  20. Sync updates and navigation snafus

    Ops...twice in a row is not a coincidence...