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  1. best clutch replacement?

    Mach 500 is great replacement. I ended getting talked into the 600 from one of the sponsors here and hate it. The ceramic disc chatters and doesn’t like to slip at all. I did read a bunch of reviews on both and should have stuck with the 500.
  2. Will the regular GT ever again have 460 or more HP without electric assist?

    For the Trans Am lovers, I still have 3 of them. A 76 455 car, 77 SE 400, and 01 ws6 6 spd. The 77 has 29k original miles.
  3. Crank re-learn !update!

    Just stopped by 2 dealerships $175 and $169 to do a crank re learn. Wow!!!
  4. Crank re-learn !update!

    Just installed new clutch over the weekend. Is it ok to drive to dealership to have them do crank re learn procedure? Can’t find anyone local with a tool.
  5. venders..sell me a clutch kit

    No one??? PM’s sent
  6. venders..sell me a clutch kit

    side stepping?? Is that like revving and dumping? I'll occasionally bang through a few gears getting on the highway to make my wife :curse: lol, but no I don't rev and dump it. When it failed it was a downshift to 2nd, stand on it til quick shift into 3rd, then junk. still drives with bad...
  7. venders..sell me a clutch kit

    MY stock clutch has gone out again. Spirited pull and that was all she wrote. I'm sure the disc fell apart like last time. Not going to even bother with dealership. 2015 GT with 13k miles. Car has flex fuel tune, x-pipe, suspension mods, 305's. Will do about 3 dragstrip passes a year, but...
  8. Talk about good luck

    We talked for a bit and I joked that it would make a great down payment on a house. Lol
  9. Talk about good luck

    Yes, that’s him and the car. Very cool
  10. Talk about good luck

    I’ve been seeing a white 2020 gt500 parked not too far from my house lately. The person that lives there seems to be a car guy based on what I’ve seen parked there through out the last year or so, although I’ve never stopped to talk to him. I see over the weekend that he is out by the car so...
  11. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    Are your ET’s are the bias ply version? I’m guessing so with mt82. Are these drag radials only for daily driving?
  12. Has your club canceled summer events?

    Most shows and events have canceled around me. At least the shows into June.
  13. What's a good price point for a 2019 GT Premium currently

    I just checked my 15 on KBB again as well. Mine stayed the same as it was a month ago. Could be the area you live in.
  14. Clutch pedal to the floor, only 30K miles?

    Could be slave related. Pedal to floor, vibrates.... I’m going with clutch disc let go. It’s happened to quite a few on here. What year? Mine was covered from dealership, but only had a few 100 miles on it. Most people were not covered. Clutch hydraulics should be covered, not the disc...
  15. What have people paid in the last week, discount plus zero?

    I keep looking for a good deal in Wisconsin for a 19 or 20 Premium GT. Dealers will not go below invoice. It’s invoice plus whatever rebates at the time. Frustrating
  16. Engine works perfectly but found "huge" metal pieces in the oil.

    I can’t see the pics. No permission or something like that
  17. Got 20x12 Wheels w/ 335’s/345’s on My Challenger Today

    :crazy::crazy: Wow!! That’s a lot of tire.
  18. Got 20x12 Wheels w/ 335’s/345’s on My Challenger Today

    That’s awesome. My Silverado has wheel flares too. Just kidding. Trying to be “that guy”. Pun intended I would love to see a rear shot of those bad boys.
  19. Winter Storage: Conflicting Opinions

    Been using a version of method 1 for 20+ years. No issues. Currently have 3 sports cars sitting in the garage tucked under dust-top car covers with trickle chargers on them. They won’t see outside til mid April most likely.