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  1. Seating cushioning completely gone, dealer says normal

    I have the same problem in drivers seat, dealer ordered new leather and cushion. This will be done as warranty.
  2. Recall for first EU Mustangs (door latches)

    Hold your horses: "Because the rate of reports is higher for vehicles in states with higher ambient temperatures and solar loading, this recall is focused primarily in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas...
  3. Sales numbers in individual European countries

    At the end of may 54 delivered in Finland. I don't know how many are waiting their cars.
  4. Sync updates and navigation snafus

    May be because Finland is EU-country, Norway is not.
  5. Sync updates and navigation snafus

    I have the same setup.
  6. Sync updates and navigation snafus

    I updated to sync 3.8 and also got the new F5 maps and that combination works fine. No problems with the navigation.
  7. After 8 months and 22 days, I finally took delivery :)

    Gryphon wrote "However you only have to go next door to Finland to discover a totally different level of English. Most young people in Finland whom I know can only get by, and don't really speak it. My guess is that Sweden has always had an open culture, like a sponge, hungry for foreign...
  8. Sync updates and navigation snafus

    Back to subject. I did install the update as well, no problems with the install. Funny that you have to have the car running all the time, there must be a way to keep the SYNC alive for 30 minutes without the car running! Anyhow, I did the upgrade while driving (it is illegal to idle car 30...
  9. The 1st V8 in The Netherlands.....?

    It runs in the backgound all the time.
  10. The 1st V8 in The Netherlands.....?

    If I remember right just activate hazard alerts on in the nav settings you will get speed camera warnings.
  11. The 1st V8 in The Netherlands.....?

    If you have the navigator option in your Mustang the maps include the locations of the fixed speed cameras and says "Caution" whenever I'm coming up to a fixed camera position. You have to set the feature active from the settings.
  12. Hi from the Netherlands

    I got mine yesterday, took about 6 months from order to delivery.
  13. The non-constructive frustration thread for those of no hope :)

    Hello, this is my first post here. I have ordered 2016 EcoBoost just before mid summer and I should get it at the end of October. For the winter tires I will get Nokia winter tires with studs.