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  1. What is the difference between a Vortech V3 & a Procharger P1X?

    Can't find a good comparison online . All I can find is technical specs that I don't really understand lol
  2. Anyone else on this forum has the Gen3 SC Aluminator short block 9.5:1?

    I tried using the search function and its coming up with no results. I have one currently being installed. How is it running ? Who tuned it?
  3. At what HP should one sleeve their 5 liter? Any benefits of sleeving if not going over 1000whp?

    I am having a block built I will stay under 1000WHP is there any benefit of sleeving a that power level? Also how much extra would that cost on average?
  4. Will Ford ever offer a manual option for the GT500s?

    It’s annoying that they only offer them in automatics I know an automatic is faster but some of us wanna enjoy our cars I really enjoy shifting lol
  5. Just noticed that the 18+ GT350 & GT500 don’t have the 18+ GT light. Why ?

    I don’t like the 18 and up GT lights. Why did they keep the 15-17 lights on the GT500 & GT350?
  6. Michigan? Post your Mustang? What mods? Personalized plate?

    Downtown Detroit here. 2015 Mustang GT built motor, Ben Callimer stage 3 trans, Fore fuel system, p1x. Currently at Brenspeed in Indiana!
  7. Procharger P1X, which one is the right Gates belt ?

    I spoke to a procharger tech who gave me a part number for a gates belt. I see two belts. Which one would be it ? Is your belt green ?
  8. Unlocked RTD device /HpTuners I want to pull my logs out if my app? How?

    I have a stage two pro charger it came with an RTD device by HP tuners. The device is unlocked. I have a list of logs On there and I am trying to find a way to review them. How can I see the logs ? Can someone add themselves as my tuner and maybe I can get those logs that way ? My motor blew &...
  9. Is anyone running a cylinder head cooling kit? How effective is it ?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is running a cylinder head cool and kit and how effective it is.
  10. Boss Valve springs Vs Pac1234X spring for supercharged built block ? What’s the difference ?

    One of my friends told me that I should get the pack 1234 springs instead of the boss valve springs on my new short block being built by Brenspeed what do you guys think what is the difference ?it will be for a supercharged application.
  11. How many miles per full tank are you getting with your SC/ turbo car ? Mine is 150 per 93 tank? Normal ?

    I get 150 miles per full tank of a 93 octane. My cousin has a 2018 Pro charged mustang as well and he gets 230 miles/ tank. What is the difference I don’t even drive my car hard? I get between 10-12 MPG he gets 18 MPG. We both have the same tune , pulley and P1x procharger
  12. I spun a bearing on new motor. I need help with how to proceed with a new short block?

    I have a 2015 Pro charged mustang stage twoI have a remanufactured motor that had under 2000 miles and it spun a bearing on cylinder 8. The shop that it is currently at cannot rebuild motors but at this point I will not trust that remanufactured motor. they have this short block option does have...
  13. Help? I’m on side of the freeway. Can someone tell me what happened to my car ?

    Help I hear this sound and no check engine light
  14. Help? I want to swap out my 15 GT steering wheel? How to disable airbag?

    How do I disable the airbag? Im worried that it might deploy & hit me lol I heard that even if you disconnect the battery the airbag can still deploy in some cars. Fuse? Any help or experience doing this ? Thank you
  15. Thoughts on this video? OPG housing is what causes the OPG noises after some installs?

    This one isn't MMR. But they are claiming that the housing is worn out and doesn't allow the OPG to install properly so it starts to create that sound: This is the video. Im going to make sure to change the housing too. Im having the install done on the 27th $1200 . Didn't think it would be...
  16. Procharged stage 2 , 4.25 pulley going to E85 same pulley how much increase of HP?

    I have a stage 2 procharged 15 Mustang GT I have the 4.25 pulley . I was told that the 4.25 is from 10-14psi and it shouldn't be ran on 93 with more boost. Now with this same pulley and e85 how much of a HP difference would I see? Thanks
  17. About to order a Calimer Stage 3 MT82, what clutch is right for me?

    2015 Mustang GT 6M Stage 2 Procharged 425 pulley. I don't have a boost gauge but I believe with that pulley its 10-14 #s? I did just order a Fore Innovation L2 return style fuel system and it will be installed by Brenspeed on the 27th. I think I may need a clutch for the stage 3 MT82 that is...
  18. Calimer MT82 built or Magnum XL transmission for SC GT manual?

    I have an MT82 and it seems fine so far but I'm sure it will give up. Has anyone gotten a calimer replacement? I was thinking of getting a stage 2 Calimer MT82 trans or maybe a Magnum XL? Im open to suggestions. What would you do ? I like the idea of a direct swap I heard if it was other than an...
  19. At what point do you change oil gears & how can one prevent having detonation/issues?

    I have a 2015 GT 6M. Procharger stage 2. I just ordered a Fore fuel system to run E85. The stock oil gears give up due to HP or high revs? Or a combination of both? What can one do to prevent the issue other then rebuilding the motor? What is a safe RPM top et the rev limiter on so I don't...
  20. 15 Mustang manual ordered stage 2 P1X Procharger. Any tips or insight?

    I have a 15 GT Premium Manual with Stainless Works long tube headers, HF Cats , Catbacks CAI, & Tune plus suspension mods. I ordered a stage 2 Procharger from Jegs, they had them in stock and it will be delivered Wednesday . The is the link ...