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  1. 2016 GT Magenetic Metallic Premium PP 6spd for Sale!

    I am selling my barely used 2016 Mustang GT, due to traveling for work I do not have the time to drive it. I have owned it just over a year and have only put 1000 miles on the car. Would like it to go somewhere where it will be driven. A list of the mods done: -Corsa Extreme Catback with...
  2. Interior Shifter Trim

    Not the biggest fan of wrapping stuff, would rather see an actual new piece put in there. It looks like in the 2018 interior, they made that shifter piece a dull silver which looks better, but would rather it be black or something that just hides it.
  3. Interior Shifter Trim

    Does anybody know anyone that makes a new trim piece that goes around the shifter boot? I think the shiny chrome is hideous.
  4. ANDERSON COMPOSITES- SPECIAL PRICING + Free Shipping! Contact us today!

    Will your carbon fiber GT350 style rear valence work with corsa exhaust the way it sits? Or is custom exhaust fab. needed?
  5. Valence Replacement

    Does anybody know where I can buy the OEM replacement for the textured black piece on the premium rear bumper Valence? Also, does anyone have a part number or link for where to buy extra black push pins that hold the rear valence trim on?
  6. ahl395's Build Log - Methanol Injected / P1X / 4500W sound system

    Where in Jersey are You? I'm in South Jersey swedesboro area. I htmlhave a magnetic manual tuned with headers looking to procharge or CAM very soon. Always looking to meet and ride with new people.
  7. CAM Information

    I am looking to find some actual user feedback on cams for our cars. Does anyone have any video showing their car at idle after installing cams on their s550? Is anyone running cams on their car with the VCT locked? I've read all the threads about cams but can't find any documented videos...
  8. Race Stars up to 40% off!!!!

    Is it possible to fit the 18x10.5 in the rear and the 17x10.5 or 17x9.5 in the front in the race stars?
  9. Shifter sticking in gear at 0 mph

    not to be off topic, but what wheels are on your white mustang in your avatar, they look sick.
  10. Results from cams and Cj

    How does the car sound with different cams installed? Can you hear any difference? I know you don't hear the lope very much with these cars.
  11. GT350 valence with custom exhaust plan

    I would also be interested in the summit part number and the valence part number on Levittown website
  12. Exhaust & Headers Deals All Brands Free Shipping Free Dynotest at RDP Store

    PM price for stainless works 1 7/8" long tube high flow carted headers with performance connect to connect to corsa extreme catback. Thanks!
  13. Stock Black Heat Extractors - Price reduced!

    Do they have provisions to mount the blinkers if I were to install them on my 2016?
  14. Howler Coyote F/R Badges - PLEASE READ 1st PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS & FAQ!

    I bought black nickel filled one since that's all was left, they came scratched to hell, there's fine scratches all over them.
  15. 50th Anniversary 2017 Shelby Super Snake Unveiled!

    It looks just like the GTE to me. The grill is so hideous.
  16. Howler Coyote F/R Badges - PLEASE READ 1st PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS & FAQ!

    I never got any of those emails. I can't even get a reply back to my email. Did anyone at least get a confirmation email that you bought them? I got charged and never even got a confirmation for proof of purchase.