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  1. Is this a handling pack? Is it too late to order for MY22?

    Ps4s is a summer tire as well. Not as extreme as the cups but should not be used under 40 degrees. Exposure to temps below 20 can cause cracking in them as well.
  2. Need Help with HP Spoiler install issue

    Looks pretty normal from the pics. I’m sure it varies car to car with some being better than others but every Mach I’ve seen up close had the same issue to some degree. On my car it lifts very slightly on the outer edges.
  3. What's your Mach 1's nickname?

    I really need to do a wall setup like that for my adams products!
  4. Alcantara Steering Wheel

    cant you use a gt500 wheel? it doesn't have the red stitching. not sure if its white or gray but it looks to be a very close match to the factory mach 1 accent stitching
  5. 2023 GT500

    Nobody needs a gt500. Sure, the overwhelming majority of them are driven in a responsible manner but we can’t risk it any longer. Won’t you think of the children? The streets just aren’t safe with “ghost” gt500’s potentially running around at night
  6. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    They were willing to do a v6 in their supercar……….
  7. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I’m taking bets on the chances we see a voodoo offered on the s650. I say no. Anyone want to toss some cash down? :)
  8. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    It says projected.
  9. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Where has it been confirmed that ‘23 orders begin this October?
  10. Kelsey Hayes Mach 1 rim - was this the rim Ford Designers used for the M1 HP?

    Odd that it was never mentioned during the unveiling if they did indeed take inspiration from that wheel. Then again, very few working at ford in the engineering dept were even alive in 1970 :cwl:
  11. Fuel MPG

    Am I losing it or didn’t we have some a10 guys here that got taxed and had to get a refund from ford? I think it was early build/deliveries……… @ChitownStang did that happen to you?
  12. Fuel MPG

    I thought only the tremec cars got taxed??
  13. Sold at mecum indy

    Damn. A brand new ‘21 for roughly $25k over msrp!
  14. If buying Long tubes , What or who’s fit the best?

    Oh shit that’s a great price for kooks with green cats!
  15. Mach 1 possible purchase

    You’re allowed to have a car and pets……
  16. B&O Sound system vs Shaker

    When did you move?
  17. Mach 1 possible purchase

    I’ve got the box checked for that too :)
  18. 3D Printed Oil Filler Funnel

    We have some Mach 1’s in other countries. Have you considering offshoring the work? :cwl:
  19. Mach 1 possible purchase

    assuming you're not going to have to miss meals or sell your house to pay for it, DO IT. i wouldn't encourage anyone to bankrupt themselves for a toy but tomorrow isn't guaranteed for any of us. within reason, live it up. and there are very few other things in life under $60k that you'll enjoy...
  20. Salesman told me I don't need to do a service @ 1600 Miles

    my first change will be next week @ 1,600 miles. normally i would never go that early but its 12 months. i'm going to do it every may when it comes out of storage. the car will be driven until october and then parked again. if it was a daily i'd go 5k without hesitation.