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  1. What Sedan Would You Buy Coming From a Mustang GT?

    Panamera . Had one and it was a great sedan. Like everyone said, I sold it before 50K and no warranty . Handles/feels like a big 911. Not super fast until you go turbo model .
  2. Winter storage re: fuel stabilizer (?)

    you ll be fine. if it helps anyone else, another idea is to fill up with 91 ethanol FREE blend that is sold (Stewards). Ethanol free retains less moisture > Then add stable or not.
  3. Hibernation

    Keep going!! I m east of you and I moved my car south so I can use it more . Upstate NY has long hard winters for sure.
  4. What did you do to your M1 today

  5. Ceramic Boost

    Maybe I m reading wrong here. I have used Czuartz several times. It s work to apply and remove that one as the sections are small that you work with. You let it flash, then remove. But the reload (car Pro) which I also have used for years only takes 5 minutes to do the whole car. Spray and...
  6. Official Mach 1 Mustang Owners Registry

    I believe you are correct. Got my window sticker 11/21, M5558
  7. Official Mach 1 Mustang Owners Registry

    Very nice!! Am I reading this correctly? 2021 , just got it and M0363? Lowest numbers I ve seen. Used?
  8. What did you do to your M1 today

  9. What did you do to your M1 today

    At it s new home!!
  10. What did you do to your M1 today

    lol, I did run regular and have in the past. the engine will adjust. running 2000 rpms all day, cold, no AC. long boring highway drive. Ford does an amazing job allowing the car to run fine on different blends.
  11. What did you do to your M1 today

    860 miles today, moving the car to warmer climate. Ran great, got 26 MPG s at 70 mph with reg fuel.
  12. I don't understand wheel width (9J/9.5J/10J)

    do 285/40/19. very close.
  13. I don't understand wheel width (9J/9.5J/10J)

    19x10 will fit 285 s and up. I would use them for summers and your stock for winter I think. Buy from a retailer that specs them for mustang like LMR. They did the rest as far as offsets and center bore stuff.
  14. look at clutch line

    My thought is if it s wet then air could be going in. When I pulled the hoses off they are very hard to get off, so they aren t going to fall off.
  15. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    That s because maybe the hit that caused the damage was from the bottom side up.
  16. Paint Match, am I being dramatic?

    Don t stress, I ve seen worse from the factory. Great looking car, no one is looking at that other than you.
  17. which wheel?

    don t forget , it has a gloss black strip down the side. That s why I m thinking silver as not to introduce another color???
  18. coolant leak

    that large a drip should be traceable and a pressure test should reveal something.