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  1. 5 New GT500 Stolen From the Flat Rock Plant. Leads Police on Car Chase

    I'm betting this would do more to reduce gun violence then anything currently on the table.
  2. 5.0 going bad

    Maintain it properly and the coyote is tough to break.
  3. 5.0 going bad

    It's cancer, isn't it doc? It's cancer, I just know it.
  4. Things Are a Freaking Mess (Millennial Viewpoint) [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & INSULTING BEHAVIOR]

    And when suggesting a balanced budget triggers half the country politicians have us right where they want us.
  5. Gas prices dropping soon?

    This thread title is one for the books. The consequences of easy money policies have finally caught up with us and the hard truth is that unless this country can get back to the days of balanced budgets (I'm not hopeful btw) we're screwed. Somebody here once told me that the idea the Fed prints...
  6. Ode to my convertible

    Agreed, but there comes a time when you need to drop the top and redline it through a tunnel just to ensure your passengers are thoroughly entertained.
  7. Gas prices dropping soon?

    So true. All ev's do is put more distance between the end user and the conventional energy. But people are stupid and like being told what's best for them and cave easily to peer pressure. Now you know why I could never be a politician.
  8. suspension mods without lowering?

    Can you post some pics of your ride?
  9. Gas prices dropping soon?

    As soon as I make the switch to regular the idle knock will kick in.
  10. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    The hammer of the gods Will drive our ships to new lands!
  11. Gas prices dropping soon?

    The Paris Accord and the "You stole my childhood, how dare you!" schtick that came with it sounded romantic to the spoiled brat jet set crowd once upon a time but anyone with half a brain knew that by signing on to that crap Europe was handing their energy leverage to dangerous tyrants like...
  12. Gas prices dropping soon?

    This is the best explanation of current gas prices I've seen yet.
  13. Gas prices dropping soon?

    Goes back to Greenspan.
  14. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    Went to a car show in Millville, NJ a few weeks ago. This car stole the show. The blue Mustang pictured is a Saleen.
  15. Wear on inside of front tires

    I needed new tires after just 20,000 because of the same issue. Had the camber bolts put on mine. Unless you're doing 120 into a turn you'll never know they're on.
  16. Coyote engines hard on oil?

    Yes, and this goes for any car if you want to be safe.