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  1. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    Yeah, it sounds like there were a couple of issues going on that San Tan Ford are too incompetent to deal with. They can't even return a phone call, much less diagnose a vehicle. I would recommend going anywhere but there.
  2. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    I would avoid SanTan for servicing at all costs. Just to be clear, the sales team was fantastic but they simply do not care about customers after. Not sure if I ever posted about it, but I had a windshield replaced after the car was about three weeks old (ricks, it’s an AZ thing) and they...
  3. Imprint in leather seats?

    Mine had a tear in the seat bottom after 8k Miles. Obviously Ford didn’t care to address it.
  4. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    No, you made up a scenario that’s irrelevant to the discussion and you’d like to pretend you’ve given valid information. I was politely trying to point out that you were missing very key components of your response, but you still can’t seem to get that so let’s just stop here since I can...
  5. Using Car Wash instead of "snow" foam, works better from my brief experience

    You want to use the leaf blower to blow everything out from the mirrors/badges/grille/etc and then dry the paint as normal (which, for me, is using AMMO Hydrate)
  6. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    I don't think anyone believes their vehicle is sealed from outside air, I mean my car has windows and doors and a fresh air setting on the AC system so this isn't groundbreaking information. However, none of my other vehicles (4 currently) nor any of my previous vehicles (very many) have ever...
  7. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    Was kind of interesting, exactly how I expected it to go with a twist. They had me do a drive with the "shop foreman" in the car to replicate the smell, which I easily did. Then.. the twist! The "shop foreman" announces he has a sinus infection and can't smell anything. I wondered aloud to the...
  8. Leather Seat Upkeep

    the seating surfaces on the front seats (perforated areas) are in fact "real" leather. Bonded, top-coated leather... but a natural product nonetheless.
  9. Check out my baby beading water like a duck. CQUARTZ ftw!

    I can buy CQF and use it myself. For headlights I still really like Opti-Lens:
  10. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    It isn't normal at all to have exhaust gasses enter the vehicle. Carbon monoxide isn't a normal thing in vehicles, it's something manufacturers prevent. I have also noted in my original post that this has none of the catalyzed smell to it and that the exhaust gases smell raw and not catalyzed.
  11. GT with PP manual driving tips

    You should probably launch your car away from every light at 3K or higher, you know to save the engine.
  12. Complete & detailed cleaning guide
  13. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    Same conditions as I mentioned? Mine goes in Wednesday. Hopefully Ford and the Dealership are willing to properly and swiftly correct this, I don't forsee multiple trips and a fight to get a fix for a health and safety issue as top of my priorities at the moment.
  14. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    2017 with 10,400 miles.
  15. Spash guards for white cars

    More likely that's road tar than rubber unless you're doing burnouts.
  16. Exhaust Smell In Vehicle

    After my car is warmed up fully, if I choose to accelerate aggressively in the following conditions: -Prolonged, high revs say from redlining 2nd, 3rd, and winding 4th out partially -Accelerating in 5th or 6th gears beyond just normal light passing maneuvers. For example if I choose to pass...
  17. AWE SwitchPath Demo/Review

    "to make sure we get the originals back" says you don't trust your customers. The customers that have given you over $1000 of their trust in your product, and you've sent them something defective. And once you've confirmed there actually is something defective with the product you sent out...
  18. Mustang RS

    Guys, overboost functions give you the power you want while keeping fuel economy in check during the part-throttle drives the EPA does. JFC.
  19. AWE SwitchPath Demo/Review

    Incorrect. The best companies have trust in their customers and display respect towards them by not taking their money for any amount of time to replace defective product that they produced and the customer has installed on their vehicle. If you want to know what the best companies do with...
  20. 300 miles, rock gash :(

    Oh my bad I didn't think you needed me to explain that to fix missing paint you'll need to add more. As for how you'll go about doing that, watch this video and pick up this tool: [ame] Thanks to Larry, you aren't going to find that for $10 on amazon like he mentions but either way there's...