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  1. Sad, possible loss….

    So what was the actual out the door sales price?
  2. Florida 2019 Bullitt

    Purchased 486 miles 9/26/2019 1FA6P8K09K5502373 Miles Date Cost Steeda Jack rails 720 10/5/2019 115 JLT Oil Separator 720 10/5/2019 140 Clutch Spring 800 10/28/2020 15 MGW Shifter 1200 12/14/2019 500 Borla Switchback Xpipe 1200 12/14/2019 450...
  3. Florida 2019 Bullitt

    Maintenance and sticker
  4. Florida 2019 Bullitt

    Selling my Bullitt to purchase a 67-72 C10. Car has 5972 miles has every option and is in perfect condition. There are over $4500 in upgrades listed in the attached spreadsheet. Car is paid for and has clean title. Sell price is $49,000 and is firm. I'm in Jacksonville, FL.
  5. Sad, possible loss….

    As stated in the ad there’s over $5000 in mods that are documented in a spreadsheet which will be provided to a serious buyer. Thanks for checking in though.
  6. Sad, possible loss….

    You may be interested,. Also under 6000 miles. let me know.
  7. Used Market

    I will say my Bullitt has over $5000 in upgrades that I won’t list here that you won’t get on a new GT. Only ones you can see are the rear spoiler and MGW shifter, everything thing else is under the car.
  8. Used Market

    If you’re looking I have mine listed here
  9. The only EV that I might consider

    Certainly not looking for one, but I found this very interesting.
  10. KAM Reset = Magic

    Are you saying the removal of the negative cable didn't work or are you saying using a tuner didn't work?
  11. KAM Reset = Magic

    Where is the KAM reset located on the nGauge?
  12. Songs you love to drive to.

    Colt Ford, I answer to no one
  13. Songs you love to drive to.

    Sammy Hagar I can't drive 55
  14. Bullitt Supercharger question

    From what I've read, the same can be said of the ESS unit. True or false?
  15. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Congrats! What was the install time?
  16. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I don't like where this is going
  17. Tis' Baleen McQueen, 2019 DHG Bullitt

    Wrenching in 20 degree weather... you sir are an animal!