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  1. Differences between Canadian and US spec cars?

    Labatt's Silver is Premium!
  2. Purchasing GT or Mach 1 this weekend!

    Mach will hold it's value better than the GT, and it does have a better 6spd. Now if the GT was a 10speed AT, I'd go with that!
  3. Whats your thought on side scoops?

    As soon as I bought my '19 GT/CS, I ordered Foose upper 1/4 scoops matched in KONA Blue to compliment the factory lower QTR. scoops. Sorry they are hard to see, this was at a Charity for Children under the lights at the Las Vegas Speedway- 7 laps 1 1/2 mile oval.

    I'm fat 6' , 300lbs and I could of got in!
  5. Does This Look Like a Billet CS to You?

    3C's - China Cheap Cast!
  6. Highest mileage Gen 3 coyotes

    My GT/CS just turned 3 yrs old a month ago, currently has 19,450miles on it.
  7. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    No curb feelers on the Daytona
  8. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    Yes, I told him to be careful when he leaves, curb was within 1/2 inch.
  9. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    Here's Peter Brock's Daytona that he brings to Celebrity Cars & Coffee every once in a while.
  10. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    This GT/CS sounds great, do you mind telling us what the final sticker price was?
  11. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    Did Peter Brock show up with his red Daytona?
  12. 2017 Mustang GT vs 2022 C8 vette best race of the year !

    Time slip on you 'extremely fast '17 S550 with hardly any mods?????????????
  13. 2017 Mustang GT vs 2022 C8 vette best race of the year !

    Let's see a 1/4 mile time slip for your car, you said the vette guy has a 11.50, I'd like to what your '17 actually runs, I'm guessing high 12's/low 13's
  14. Just used Boostane - felt a nice difference in stock GT350R

    I'm confused, is the OP adding Boostane to his Toyota Sienna to get it to 'Chirp'?
  15. How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    I was 61 when I bought my '19 GT/CS, now 64 and will turn 65 in November. I can't even remember if I posted on this thread before. My car keeps me young! Oh, paid it off in August!!!!!
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put in a new air filter, 19K, old one still looked great.
  17. Well there goes my splitter....

    I'd just sand it down. it won't be the last time you get some nics!
  18. 3.15 vs 3.55 gear

    I have 3.15s in my GT/CS, I'm not the guy who roasts the tires anymore( I love my tire/rim setup), so even though it's slower off the line, it does move out very fast over 40mph. I've caught and passed many of cars.