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  1. Final 2022 Color Numbers?

    True but a sample none the less.
  2. Final 2022 Color Numbers?

    Of the 95 cars ordered on this chart, 41 were BB. 95 total orders with one BB cancelled and one MP cancelled. Not quite 50% (43.16%), but the largest percentage of one color by far. Next is Code Orange with 12, 12.63%.
  3. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Today it was in the high 50's and sunny in the afternoon. I have noticed the tires don't like cooler temps much less cold. Definitely not as sticky in the cooler temps. I would never dis someone for choosing to drive or not drive their car. I will give them a hard time for missing out on the...
  4. First Oil Change

    Not difficult at all. I like solving problems. This was a problem you had solved on the 20-21 models and Ford threw a curve ball eliminating the extension tube on the 22s. If the neck was 1/4” longer, it would clear the wiring harness no problem with the extension tube I used. As it is, I have...
  5. First Oil Change

    I self corrected mine. Lol. $10 for the extension from the stealership. My original printed parts were ordered for my 2020 so the mod had not been created just yet. I broke off the little snap tab so it would not lock in place in the valve cover. It fits but there is a slight clearance issue...
  6. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    Looks like a very likely suspect as to a cause.
  7. 3D printed oil funnels and oil filter guides temporarily haling production

    I will tell anyone on the fence about buying these products, call early on 1/1/23 and place your order. Used mine this past weekend and wow, what a great invention. Mess eliminated.
  8. First Oil Change

    Bingo! Guess I can order the extension from Ford. My 2020 had it.
  9. First Oil Change

    Went well with the 3D printed accessories. One problem with the oil fill red piece. With the oil separator installed, it will not mount. 11.5 quarts. Only 10 pictured.
  10. Drive’em Boys and Girls

  11. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Got mine end of July. 4300 miles as of this weekend. If you aren’t driving your GT500, you are doing you and your car a disservice.
  12. Tracking a Car Shipped By Rail

    I have a contact at the railroad. He could track the rail car number but it was not very accurate and hard to decipher. It indicated it arrived in Houston/Westfield yard then when dark. I went to the rail and was not able to locate the car. About 2 1/2 weeks later, it indicated at the same...
  13. Oh the Humanity

    I’ve built a couple of those. The internal cable routining has a steep learning curve but once you get it, you are good to go. Very nice bike BTW.
  14. Oh the Humanity

    Likewise to you. And yet the frame is carbon along with the rims. :) Had to spring 8K for the full carbon bike thus cutting into the painted stripe fund. :( Yes, top of the line bikes ain’t cheap just like our cars. But the top of the top for my bike is over 12K after taxes. So not cheap...
  15. Oh the Humanity

    I’ve not tried to Mount the road bike yet but the MTB wheel base is too long to mount like that. Rear wheel hits the rear wing.
  16. Oh the Humanity

    Trek is definitely on an expansion mission. The stores here were called Bike Barn. I think they had 8 in the Houston metro area. All Trek now. Same for other stores in Austin and San Antonio.
  17. Oh the Humanity

    Every other year. New road bike one year then MTB the next. Cannot sell the bike for a year since the team get them for such a good deal. Well, well off MSRP.
  18. Oh the Humanity

    I rode Specialized full carbon Epics for the past several years. They are great bikes. Switched to Trek this year because they bought the store I ride for. No longer sell Specialized.
  19. Oh the Humanity

    Bingo. Sold the paid for truck and put that money into the GT500. I got paid $6,000 more than I paid for a 2 year old 40,000 mile truck. So I have some good equity in the MSRP deal car. It's my daily driver. I got it at the end of July, very end, and I now have just over 3,000 miles on the...
  20. Oh the Humanity

    The Trek is carbon frame along with the wheels, seat post, integrated stem/bar, just not the fork. I have not heard of anyone having one fail. In my wife’s Audi it can handle 75 mph with no drama. I kept it under 65 though in the Shelby. I really did not like having to put it on the stripes...