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  1. Question about these circular yellow stains in paint?

    Take it to a pro to buff it out with a more abrasive compound.
  2. Need advice guys...

    This. Get a reputable PDR place to see what they can do. Have a pro shop buff it out and put some touch up paint over it. Dr.Colorchip works as does the Ford OEM pen which is pretty easy to use. I wouldn't file insurance claim over this. Your deductible could be higher than how much damage is here.
  3. Average S550 monthly payment?

    Why use your own money when you can use someone else's? I'd never pay up front, full cash for a car or a house. Let that money work for you and reap the benefits of both. Remember, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Inflation eats up a lot of the debt and if you got the 0%...
  4. Mustang making loud tic noises coming near the top.

    That's the typerwriter tick. Normal. Highly doubt it's a bad vct solenoid. Put some thicker oil in it, 5w30, and it makes it less audible.
  5. Anyone’s rattle sound this bad?

    Yes, normal. That's not even close to how loud it can get.
  6. Help with GT tapping noise, not BBQ tick.

    That's the typewriter/bbq tick. Normal.
  7. Virginia Bemaro S550 PP Caliper Overlays

    Post a pic if you had it done
  8. Active Exhaust Upgrade Kit - Make your GT sound like the Mach 1

    a slightly deeper tone. I think the GT w H pipe in track mode can get raspy where the GT500 almost fully eliminated it.
  9. Active Exhaust Upgrade Kit - Make your GT sound like the Mach 1

    I have a similar setup, GT500 exhaust with H pipe.
  10. Will this setup fit a GT350?

    Great point, thanks. It looks fairly close, especially with the lower offset maybe it wouldn't rub. OE Sec Width - 11.8 & 12.3 Thread - no front, 10.3 rear New Sec Width - 12.3 & 12.6 Thread - 11, 11.5
  11. Will this setup fit a GT350?

    If I'm not mistaken, the non-R GT350 specs are Front 19x10.5", 30mm offset, 60.5lb (with 295/35/19 stock tire) Rear 19x11", 62mm offset, 61lb (with 305/35/19 stock tire) Will this setup fit? 19x10.5, +24 (305/30/19) 19x11, +53 (315/30/19)
  12. Virginia Bemaro S550 PP Caliper Overlays

    Perfect. Yes, front and rear have brembo logo on them. Please pay through paypal [email protected]
  13. Georgia FS 2022 he gt500

    how much?
  14. Ford PP 2 Pinging

    That's not the tick, there's a belt tension TSB out on this. I think OP is talking about the 2k rattle, pretty distinct between 1500-2500 RPMs which is normal. Tick, tension clicking, 2k rattle = "normal" per ford.
  15. Traded UP! - GT500 CFTP Atlas Blue

    Time to update your username!