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  1. Idaho For sale: used OEM Cloth Seat Covers

    Not from me - but a junk yard, sure. Out of curiosity, why do you need a whole seat?
  2. Mach 1 is Better than GT350 ...

  3. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    The Dark Horse is awesome, you trippin

    Although I'd go ahead and replace the sensor, owning a manual gauge is a good idea anyway. We had a thread a few months ago about those. I bought a Joes Racing Products gauge, and it is fantastic. Shogun32, to answer your question in that thread: Yes, it does satisfy 🤣

    I had a sensor on my '19 GT that wouldn't retrain. It was a bad battery. Bought a replacement from for a decent price and had Discount Tire swap it out for me. Piece of cake! These sensors have batteries and they do fail on occasion. is another place to buy...
  6. It's happening and I'm going to be there!!!

    Did OCP send out any ED-209s?
  7. Relocating to snow country???

    That is a secret - don't tell anyone 😉
  8. Relocating to snow country???

    Definitely something to consider. I would worry about that if I drove on It daily but I don't drive that much in the winter. There are open-stall car washes and attachments for washing under the car, and waterless car wash products for everything else 🤷‍♂️
  9. Relocating to snow country???

    I drive mine all year long, on Michelin Pilot Alpine PA4s and some weight in the trunk during winter. The Snow/Wet mode helps, and don't get crazy with the throttle. Also I don't take it out in bad weather, mostly just when roads are clear. Boise doesn't get that snowy anyway. My take: I know I...
  10. Oil change interval

    That's a great point :thumbsup: DEFINITELY check the oil level frequently. The IOLM isn't going to tell you the dipstick is bone dry. I think Ford recommends once a month in the owner's manual (probably not necessary to do monthly if you don't drive it that much)
  11. Second gear hiss on a Mach 1 with Tremec?

    It's saying "sssssshould have bought a ssssshhhelby" 🤣
  12. Oil change interval

    Agreed. Time and vehicle usage among other conditions are factors used to determine "oil life" percentage. Changing once a year is likely to be just fine, but if the IOLM says change it before a year is up I'd do it.
  13. Oil change interval

    Follow the Oil Life Monitor in the gauge
  14. Cleaning rear interior glass, how do you do it?

    I must be a glutton for punishment. I use the two towel method without any extra tools
  15. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Nitto 555r2

  16. What a waste!

    how hammered do you have to be to drive the wheels down to nubs?? 🤣
  17. What a waste!

    yeah but... 😮
  18. Can't find an inner tie rod boot - living outside the US (FR)

    Did you look on Ebay yet?
  19. Can't find an inner tie rod boot - living outside the US (FR)

    Can you order from UK any easier?
  20. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    Be advised, the cost is high - based on OP's post #90 you don't get to keep your dick 🤣