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  1. Thoughts on this 2022

    It’s not bad but why this particular Mustang? or why not order one & wait for it to come in if you can?
  2. Accepting new cars with panels repainted??

    I’m wondering, where is your front end wheel flairs? It’s supposed to come with the handling package
  3. Buying these Ford Performance Wheels for my Mach 1

    I was thinking the same thing, keep the sport cup 2’s on my handling package wheels & put sport 4S on the PP2 wheels; I think these are the wheels you are talking about
  4. New Conti Tire Out!

    I wouldn’t know, my car came with Michelin sport cup 2’s & when it’s time to replace them I’m going with Michelin 4S
  5. So, I took a leap of faith yesterday…

    Congratulations been having mine for about 2 months now! Handling & Elite package, Cyber Orange, rear seat delete & TREMEC of course!
  6. Why does Mustang GT cost $5K more than Camaro LT1 ?

    I actually like the Camaro & I think it's a great car but I have always been a Ford guy; it was not hard making a decision to order my '22 Mach 1 (if I had to chose between the Camaro & Challenger I'd go Camaro)
  7. 2023 Mustang Order Guide released [updated with PDF] - U.S. & Canada

    I'm glad I ordered my 2022 Mach 1 Premium in Cyber Orange, now it's a one year color!:sunglasses:
  8. Drag Race: Mustang GT vs Nissan Z vs Challenger Scat Pack

    I think when Ford stops making the Mach 1 they should bring back the GT's PP2 package that includes (TREMEC & BREMBO brakes in the rear as well)
  9. 2023 Mustang Colors Revealed. New Vapor Blue Metallic Added

    I wish Ford had the Mystichrome as an option when I ordered my 2022 Mach 1
  10. 2023 Mustang Colors Revealed. New Vapor Blue Metallic Added

    good thing I ordered my Cyber Orange(I call it a pearl school bus yellow lol)2022 Mach 1 with Handling & Elite Pack, Tremec, no back seats in May; its scheduled to be built at the end of September
  11. 2023 Mustang Colors Revealed. New Vapor Blue Metallic Added

    I wonder why Ford never brought back the pearl white color on the Mustang? I think that was in 2015
  12. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    I just ordered my Mach 1 Premium 5/13/22, so I guess we will see when I get it!
  13. 2022 Grabber Blue METALLIC in the sun!

    Great color, but I have a question: Can you put these wheels on a regular GT or Mach 1 without doing modifications?
  14. Had the opportunity to drive a Camaro ZL1 and my Mach 1 back to back

    ZL1 starts out at $64,195 & Mach 1 $56,000, a difference of $8195; it’s not that close!
  15. Had the opportunity to drive a Camaro ZL1 and my Mach 1 back to back

    the better story would have been a Camaro SS 1LE vs. Mustang Mach 1 w/handling package (both manual transmission); this is not really a fair comparison IMO!
  16. 2022 Build and Price is up!!

    I’ll be placing my order in the next week or so in Cyber 🍊/School Bus Yellow 😁

    I'm considering this color & Cyber Orange when I order my 2022 Mach 1 w/Handling Pack, but leaning towards Cyber Orange because its "tri-coat" paint job

    Mischievous Purple & Eruption Green is nice but I’m ordering my 2022 Mach 1 Premium in Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat (I’ll probably take the black & white decals off)
  19. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Laps Nurburgring in 7:58.29 Min - by Sport Auto

    maybe run it in a US Mach 1(automatic transmission) with Handling Package & id be satisfied with the results!