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  1. Beware of Lund

    Sorry, but I think that is completely wrong. They're in the business of selling what seems to be mostly canned tunes, which I'm sure requires very little, if any, work per tune/customer. Company I work for has a somewhat similar business model, though not automotive related. 95+ percent of...
  2. Flat bottom steering advantages?

    I read up on this a bit before I ordered my custom made steering wheel from Guardian Design here (thanks, one year on it still feels really nice in my hands), as I wanted to hold something in my hands that felt more premium than the OEM leather. Like the others here have said, my conclusion...
  3. Things said to you at traffic light

    Now, that I cannot agree with. I've seen a few R8's here, and I always try to keep my car quiet when that happens so I can enjoy that glorious R8 sound. Yes, I'm jealous. ;-) The R8 in the pic looks pretty ugly in that colour IMO though.
  4. Unfortunate Tuesday with my Mach 1 - engine oil mess (not as bad as BP)

    I'm betting they don't even have bugajskj's number. Clueless sods, all of them.
  5. Another blown engine thread

    Bastards, but what an interesting saga. Crossing my fingers for them being forced to stand by their word. I do wonder what Ford says, if anything, is the maintenance/inspection interval for valve seals on the GT-350 though. :-/
  6. Ewheels Road Course Build

    I feel I should be careful about suggesting things to people more experienced than me, so I may be completely wrong, but one thing I noticed is that it looks like you don't use the whole track when coming out of the corners sometimes. I.e., instead of letting the car go out to the edge of the...
  7. Bad day/ good outcome

    Yeah, thinking why are humpty and dumpty in the black BMW and white Porsche making it so difficult for you to pass them? Makes me feel so lucky that here we have marshals waving flags and/or traffic-style lights that tell you to let the faster driver behind pass. Next step: get them to wave...
  8. Best Fuse/Relay to Pull to Prevent Theft

    Thanks, I'll send them a mail and ask.
  9. Best Fuse/Relay to Pull to Prevent Theft

    Lol, that's one the most scarcely documented things I've seen. What are the two buttons for? One to push before you start the car you say, and the other for? Apart from that, this seems like the most convenient of the options I've heard of so far. Install, then attach the remote somewhere...
  10. Another blown engine thread

    Smart, well prepared customer. Has a lawyer. Sucks to be the insurance company. I'm sure I'm not the only one here reading your follow-up and grinning now. ;-)
  11. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    In order to help bring a more rapid close to this thread I would like to call Bikeman315 a Trumpist and vote dentalist, details, denier, or how the heck that's spelled.
  12. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    Are you one of those drivers in small cars making ugly noises who are veering in and out of lanes all the time, aggressively passing people in roundabouts at the most unexpected time? Suddenly popping up by my side as a jack in box? Except your car is not small and does not make ugly noises...
  13. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    Indeed, the most common cause for me seems to be when I'm turning according to the lane (following the lane on a two-lane road with another car in the lane next to me, really close, but also turning. If the car next to me were not also turning, it would look like I'd be ramming straight into...
  14. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    Possible it's not so much due to luck, but because his driving style does not lend itself to inducing so many false alarms.
  15. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    More dangerous is of course if your car suddenly brakes hard for no reason, causing the car behind to crash into you. That's why I (thought I had) set the system to give warnings only, but not actively brake. Fortunately I have so far not experienced it braking actively, which I'm guessing...
  16. Pre-collision alert went off, nothing there

    I wasn't aware that the "assisted braking" switched itself back on automatically, so thanks to Vlad for that info. That's annoying, but I can't help but thinking that if the car braking for you is a frequent problem, you are driving too close to the edge. I am not aware of the car ever...
  17. GuardianDesigns Custom Steering Wheel Review

    I have been using this product on all leather in my car, including the new steering wheel, once every half year: One can for cleaning, one can for protecting.
  18. Tips on how to control yourself when people try to race you?

    Not haven seen that colour before includes me. That's a really beautiful colour.
  19. Do you drive with one or both feet? (Normal everyday driving)

    Like everyone else here I learned to only use one foot when in auto. Not so much for the "resting foot on the brake pedal" issue, but too reduce the chance of, in a panic situation, pressing the wrong or both pedals when all you want to do is push the brake pedal through the floor. In a highly...