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  1. Does your shifter vibrate?

    Get an MGW Shifter - that'll take your shifter vibration to a whole new level:like:
  2. Public Service Announcement!! Ford recalls over 634K SUVs due to fuel leaks and fire risk

    Yeah - I saw this - affects our 2020 Escape. If I see smoke or flames, I'll be sure to confirm it's an injector failure by checking for a dashboard warning.
  3. S550 Police Interceptors - the definitive thread

    Thank God we don't have this crap in California. I don't want my taxes buying Mustangs for yahoo cops. That said, I liked the pics of the ones that crashed.
  4. FA says 2024 GT still the same 450 hp!

    Well, I guess you'll have to pry my 460hp 2019 Coyote from my cold dead hands
  5. I Hate Microsoft

    Yeah, call me old fashioned, but I don't like anyone keeping tabs on me, so I do my best to max out my privacy settings.
  6. I Hate Microsoft

    Here's why I hate microsoft: Windows does the following: Your data is continually synced: browser history, open websites, app settings, and Wi-Fi hotspots are all tracked Your device is automatically linked to a unique advertising ID for third parties Cortana collects data such as your...
  7. About 1969 mustang

    There's a reason AC didn't drive OJ around at high speeds
  8. Brake Dust stuck on wheel :(

    Try Mother's R3 - it's for race rubber removal after track days, but it might work and can't hurt.
  9. PP2 Registry

    No and No (I think you could get the cream colored cloth seats, Unless you went with cloth Recaros)
  10. Need advice guys...

    After it's fixed, I suggest you PPF it to preserve the repair, as sadly it is unlikely to be as good as the factory paint job.
  11. PP2 Registry

    301a was an option on mine, and I don't think it was required with PP2, but I may be wrong.
  12. Anyone in bay area or CA got these for sale?

    I couldn't resist searching and found this: $4.43 for two
  13. Rokblokz - still the best splash/rock guard?

    I think they work well - that said - extensive PPF really is a must.
  14. Shelby American Gardena. CA Location

    I had to give a presentation this morning at a client's business that happens to be right next door to this place: Strangely, It looked closed - as in nothing is happening there. The back gate was open and few semis were parked there like it was being used as truck yard. Whatever the case, I...
  15. Polisher advice/recommendation needed

    I don't know the answers to your questions - I'm not an expert; BUT, if your paint is as you say it is, then this set up (which I've used since 2007) works great and should for you. Even resorting to swirl removing polish with an orange or white pad, I have had great results - even on a 99...
  16. Polisher advice/recommendation needed

    Based on that, a DA Random Orbital Porter Cable with a 5.5" velcro base is all you need, plus a few selections of different pads from Autogeek
  17. Hey so can we get the 7G shit off our site?

    Yeah - I would've put him on double-secret probation.
  18. Creepy copper

    No it's the right word. I had a CHP motocop pull up next to me and stare me down. Total dickhead.
  19. Axle oil temps...

    I think the warning light comes on at 270 or 280, so your temps are not an issue. That said, because I do track days, I went with Redline 75-85 and had the exhaust wrapped pretty extensively to keep things cooler. I don't know if 4.09 gears make a diff (PUN intended) and run hotter. I'd think...