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  1. 2015 Mustang with whipple stage1 to ???

    No idea how I missed the 6r80 part. My bad.
  2. Non DD FI Decision

    Typically people will respond recommending the power adder they are running. It’s just how it goes with these types of threads. Which is basically what I’m going to do. haha! Totally agree that it’s hard to beat the fun factor of a stick car with a PD blower. My whipple car is an obsolete blast...
  3. 2015 Mustang with whipple stage1 to ???

    Cool. Assuming your 2019 is a A10? I was trying to give the OP an apples to apples comparison of a gen2 car with a man pedal.
  4. T56 Nightmare, need help

    What model RXT did you go with? If it’s a solid hub version, what you may be hearing while lugging around at low RPMs is called ‘gear rollover.’ That gear rattle sound will come up through the shifter. I used the GT500 sprung hub RXT with my Magnum swap and the trans is silent. What driveshaft...
  5. Help me source a clutch kit

    For your use at basically stock power level, keep it simple and easy on the wallet with a single disc. No need to buy way more clutch than you need. The Exedy Mach 500 seems popular here with great feedback. I have no personal experience with it, but if I was in your shoes it's what I'd buy. No...
  6. 2015 Mustang with whipple stage1 to ???

    Whipple told me you’re in cat protection pretty much anytime you‘re WOT for more than 4 seconds (with the stage 2 kit). Tooling around on the street only, I doubt you’ll ever truly notice. Maybe at the track trying to run a number you‘re leaving a smidge on the table.
  7. 2015 Mustang with whipple stage1 to ???

    If you're looking for more, 100% go with the stage 2 setup and provided Whipple tune. No need for bigger injectors or a bap if you are staying on 93. The stock pump and 72lb injectors provided in the kit are all you need on 93. If you have good 93 fuel by you or run some boostane if needed, you...
  8. Clutch poll lets gets some input

    That ‘chatter’ is not the clutch. It’s called ‘gear rollover’ and you’re hearing noise from the transmission. You’ll experience that on any solid hub clutch setup.
  9. T56 swap questions

    Yes, it will work with the t56 magnum. You will also use your stock slave cylinder as well. I highly recommend taking the measurements in this article to be sure the hydraulic slave is in the right place...
  10. Illinois 11-17 LPXHD twin disc clutch kit (only 525 miles)

    I’m selling my Lethal Performance LPXHD twin disc clutch with lightened steel flywheel out of my 2017 Mustang GT. The clutch has 525 gentle street miles (lots of stop and go in Chicagoland) and only 6 passes at the track. It’s perfectly broken in and ready to go! Only reason I’m selling is...
  11. Illinois 15-17 manual QA1 CF Driveshaft (like new)

    Selling my QA1 Rev Series Carbon Fiber Driveshaft - SFI rated for 2015-2017 manual cars. QA1 part number JJ-21207. 1000 street miles on the driveshaft and only 6 passes at the track. Only reason I’m selling is because I put a Magnum XL in my car and could no longer use it. This is THE BEST...
  12. Is my Whipple dying? What is this noise?

    To update the thread - no sign of the noise since I retightened all the pulleys. 1200 miles and one drag race event with about a dozen passes. All has been quiet.
  13. Are LPX and LPXHD clutches made by MCLeod?

    Scroll down on that same then rates by horsepower:
  14. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    If you are using a clutch that was meant for a mt82 (but upgraded to 26 spline), then yes you use the stock longer slave for a mt82. If you are using a GT500 clutch setup, then you use the shorter GT500 slave. The clutch I’m running in my car is a GT500 sprung hub RXT which requires the shorter...
  15. Whipple iat trouble

    This is the correct orientation of the MAF housing:
  16. Whipple iat trouble

    That VMP IAT harness has nothing to do with the throttle body. Flip the MAF housing 180* as stated above. The VMP IAT harness plugs into the MAF sensor. Plug the male end of the VMP harness into the MAF sensor. Then take your engine harness MAF connector and plug it into the female side of the...
  17. Need help finding cause for lean condition at Idle Whipple 3.0 Gen 5

    Unfortunately, I don’t know what the trims were. I even dug out my old whipple SD card, no logs saved on it. Hope you get yours figured out!
  18. Need help finding cause for lean condition at Idle Whipple 3.0 Gen 5

    I had a very similar issue. Shop installed the blower kit and upon first start fuel trims showed a significant lean condition. Car did idle and drive down the road. Verified that whipple sent the correct injectors with the kit and provided the correct stage 2 tune (I was running the whipple tune...
  19. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Thanks. We about have my tune dialed-in, sent some logs over the evening of 6/23. Sent a follow-up on 6/28 and again this morning. Communication was great until now. Not sure the deal, hopefully I hear something soon.
  20. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Has anyone gotten an email response from Wengerd recently?