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  1. Anyone need a splitter for a GT350R…?

    Not too far, just up north by Countryside mall
  2. Anyone need a splitter for a GT350R…?

    Sorry to hear of your troubles, I'm in Clearwater hopefully I get to see this car one day
  3. A friend is looking for a '14 GT500

    I'd love to grab a fully loaded one with Glass Roof one of these days. Good luck to your friend
  4. Trying to get a contact at Ford

    I read about this car somewhere else on the forum Edit - here you go OP!
  5. CALLING 2020 GT500 Owners. What’s your best 0-60.

    This thread gave me cancer
  6. 3 Day Old Mustang GT Drifted Right Into Creek

    Lol I remember that video, the kid in the Dodge truck lol
  7. Good installation shops south Florida

    Get an appointment for Steeda, worth it I drove down twice from Clearwater
  8. Oil Filter Gasket Failed... New Drift Car!

    Yikes that is at TheFirm here in Florida, my Avatar pic is just coming out of the turn she pulled over at. @16Kobra you see this??
  9. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    Gees calm down Tony wtf
  10. My weekend cruise

    Very nice! I'm out of the Mustang scene for now so I can do some big upgrades on my house, but as soon as I can I'll have another one and will come out and play.
  11. My weekend cruise

    I'm in Clearwater, I used to go up there with John aka "Stoli" when he had a Mustang and was on this forum. Now he's big wang gang with the Miata LOL.
  12. My weekend cruise

    Thought I recognized it! Man I miss this place, I have video of it actually snowing up there one morning a few years back.
  13. My weekend cruise

    Was this at TheFirm?
  14. The HULK Is For Sale StangMode GT500 on Ebay

    I think the #1 YT channel is a kid who reviews toys, made like $26m last year....
  15. It is now between Bernie and Biden

    I got a great laugh out of that
  16. California Sold

    What did you sell the car for? Can PM if you'd like...just curious I followed your build
  17. Kansas Brand New OEM Ford GT350R Carbon Wheels, TPMS, Cup2 Tires

    GLWS, wish I could scoop these up. Folks live in Olathe so would be fairly local.
  18. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    I grew up in Olathe, family still lives there :)
  19. Anybody buying this media fueled COVID-19 bull schitt?

    Funny how this virus got all the protesters off the streets of Hong Kong......
  20. It is now between Bernie and Biden

    They are limiting Biden's speaking engagements to small and scripted speeches, they don't want him going off on another of his Cornpop Leghair Dogfaced Pony Soldier Where am I Who Are You Fight Me Biden rants.