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  1. What you think of the new Mustang?

    god, i hate the rear. it looks awful.
  2. Is there any mechanical explanation for the Gen 3 Coyote BBQ tick?

    knock on wood, but i just got my oil changed in my ‘21 like 3 weeks ago, and i don’t hear it. and i hear everything lol. they switched to 5w30 i think for ‘21, and some people said the heavier oil made it not do it, but who knows.
  3. Highest mileage 18-19

    lol got my ‘21 nov 15, 6700 miles. that’s more that i’ve put on in a few months than i did my 2014 v6 stang in like 3 years lol that thing sat in my garage and i just never drove. i drive my GT everywhere.
  4. Return to digital speedo?

    maybe OP put in a digital dash aftermarket? because yeah, every 401a has the pony button
  5. If you live in a state that requires front license plate, do you rock one?

    in jersey here. i have the sto n sho, and the only time i’ve ever put the plate on was when i first installed it to see what it looks like. as expected, looks awful, so it sits in my trunk lol
  6. Puddle lamp fell out lol

    So I get to the dealership Friday to do my first ever oil change, i open the car door, shut it, and look back, and the puddle light is dangling from the mirror on the drivers side!! I try to pop it back in, and it won’t stay. Looks as if the little clip that held it just snapped off on it’s...
  7. Love Your V6, Always.

    had a 2014 3.7 before i got my 5.0…yeah it was nice, engine was nice, but it was definitely slow even with a tune. over time, i grew to not really like the sound either. i had borla touring on it, and i just never floored the thing because i just didn’t like how it sounded. the day i placed...
  8. What is your oil change frequency?

    same, i’m at 6000 right now, didn’t do initial yet, no need. i’m prob gonna do it before i hit 7500 though, which is what ford has it set at.
  9. I hate people so much

    oooof. i can’t take the stang to the gym, that’s what my beater tacoma is for 🤣 don’t want to sweat up in the leather lol
  10. 2021 mustang gt making a beep / humming noise from PCM while off

    oh thats weird lmao i’ve never heard that one on mine. i hear the other noises like the flaps going on the exhaust and all that stuff when it’s getting primed to start, but never heard that one lol
  11. Is my oil dip stick inaccurate?

    i mean, i can barely read my dip stick bc they’re impossible to read…i think i have enough. who knows. haven’t done my first change yet so i assume i’m good lol but that dipstick is godawful to read
  12. 2021 mustang gt making a beep / humming noise from PCM while off

    or she’s just happy to be getting a bath and showing you her appreciation!
  13. FordPass Pickup and Delivery service

    i agree, nobody would ever drive this car. the tint company i used who messed up 2x offered to drive an hour up to me, pick it up, leave a loner, and bring it back to their shop to try a 3rd time. i said no way in hell are you driving my car. this is why when i bring it in within the month...
  14. Is the paint on these cars super thin? I got my first rock chips.

    after having a bunch of chips already, is ti worth putting on PPF after the fact? i’ve been considering it for the front end but idk
  15. New exhaust tips, a lot of work, but I like them...

    wait link? how do they hold on? that would look so much better than the sharp stocks.
  16. Is the paint on these cars super thin? I got my first rock chips.

    yeah i’ve got at least 6-10 total chips on my front end already that i’ve had to use touch up paint on…got it nov 15, 4700 miles lol ridiculous. it is what it is though, i bought the car to enjoy it, not sit around in the garage it’s whole life. she’s still pretty with her beauty marks lol
  17. 87...89...91..93..Octane ??

    nah, on 93 i can’t either. i wonder if it’s the auto rev match, because to me it feels like whenever you upshift and give it gas, it sounds as if the car is gradually letting off the clutch for you, like rather than you dumping it and being bumpy….as if making it easier and less bumpy shifting...
  18. Cooled seats not great?

    wow great information guys. crazy stuff. no wonder they’re cooler with AC on.
  19. Clutch Engaging CLUNK?

    love me some driveline slop! my s197 sounded exactly the same so i’m used to it lol
  20. Free S550 Premium Fender Emblems (Soler Prf)

    i think you’re all crazy for wanting to take that 5.0 off and putting these on lol but different strokes……. but i do think this would look cool on a plain strut tower brace or something under the hood, thats for sure.