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  1. So the Mach-E is so good?

    Ford Mustang Mach-E No Longer Recommended By Consumer Reports The Tesla-fighting electric SUV isn't reliable enough to keep CR's stamp of approval.
  2. Hood struts

    I ordered the Redlines but found their part that should drop into the openings were just slightly too big and I wasn't in the mood to start filing those openings. I'm going with Ford Performance seeing their nut/washer will fit the opening fine. This could be sloppy work from the plant but the...
  3. Track Attack

    I have a friend who's a pilot and I've worked for Airlines. Those sims move like the plane is dropping thousands of feet, or rolling while your strapped in your chair. Just saying after finishing a season of tracking, no game is going to simulate being mashed up against your drivers door at 78...
  4. Track Attack

    If you're okay getting on a plane when the pilot says "Hey folks I have 1500 hrs of Flight Simulator so just relax and we'll be on our way as soon I figure out of pressing Fwd Stick-X starts take off." then yeah good 2 go.
  5. So is this just my life now?

    Bro trucks, I read the link and ... seriously
  6. So is this just my life now?

    Like WTH with the big boy truck dudes?? So u have a chip, some big ass tires and expensive wheels... I have a 5.0 liter V8 and all the goods to leave you smelling my exhaust disappearing in my rearview. What??? Go race some Explorer Sport.
  7. Creepy copper

    ppl don't get it that comes a point in getting older you'd actually prefer to be pulled over vs. left alone. ho ho! Being labeled a trouble maker has been known to increase testosterone levels.
  8. Track Attack

    Wow 85 years old huh? Wait til I tell my gal I have many more years of track driving to go!! She'll be thrilled...! ;-O

    U left it outside!!!! OMG Charlie Brown!
  10. Are Racing Stripes LAME? PLEASE HELP!

    Call me biased.. for the done right crowd. LOL
  11. Wth is up with insurance rates?

    True dat! I lived in Houston a long time and your chances of being involved in a collision go WAY up in that area, and we all now exactly why too. When I moved to a Midwest city rates dropped.
  12. Dealership Really Pushing ESP. How Reliable Are The Convertibles?

    ESP can be savers if, that's if you have a real serious mechanical issue after factory warranty. Remember it's mileage or years so if you have 60 ,000 and its 4th year you lose. ESP can cover things like transmission, A/C or heater, plus engine systems. I had an ESP on my Titan when the rear...
  13. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    My 2020 GT PP1 has the shock tower brace the K brace in front and another brace under the ISR (Independent Rear Suspension). Some bracing is likely for the extra weight of the vert and bracing for lack of solid roof.
  14. Just Got A Brand New Ecoboost Premium Convertible

    Lovely convertible, I almost went for the blue but the Orange is just so "in-your-face" too. On additions look for a nice wind screen to keep the cabin less turbulent. Issues, I'm facing the rear quarter glass won't come up all the way, new problem. Been posted about before, Ford dealer says...
  15. How do you guys “winterize” your Pony?

    Dat when da gumbo get cold if you eating up on da porch and leaves it too long! Says 'bout Janny-rary. *(my sig says Indy but I lived in Houston long time too, spent many times in LA, da food très magnifique!)
  16. California Ford Performance Magneride handling kit M9602M

    Hola, do you know if this works for convertibles too?
  17. That Convertible rear glass thing is happening but it's more severe

    You can understand, hope since its my baby that isn’t a final solution. Ford gotta do better than that.
  18. That Convertible rear glass thing is happening but it's more severe

    I've read the threads about hitting your rear quarter glass window with some silicone lube to get to close all the way but mine is a bit more severe. It will only go up 2/3rds and leave a pretty large gap not just that little bit extra. Ending up using my Track wrap so my lovely 2020 GT vert...