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  1. Out with old in with the new

    please tell me you did not get rid of that red vert for the new vert? Still have both, right? Right?!?
  2. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    I have broncos, mustangs, and motorcycles (cruisers). unfortuantely, all of the driving I've been doing inthe last year is interstate. most of mylocal errand runs are in the bronco, as the bikes and cars are not meant for wet roads...and yet the broncos are meant for sunny days too. I will...
  3. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    lift, flat, chipped right?
  4. Towing Question for GT350

    I'd rather a one time use tow hook over replacing a bumper. (not gt350, but mach 1 handlin pack, so same boat)
  5. pics of M1s with no stripes

    take that back. now.
  6. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    could be top speed around a track. not necessarily straight line.
  7. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    yes it is. and imo, but I have not done any track time yet, it feels planted at 120mph with the front splitter and Mach 1 spoiler with gurney flap.
  8. About 1969 mustang

    it is attached to the throttle body housing. being that most aftermarket things like this are designed for chevy's, well. on a Chevy small block, the dizzy is behind the carb, so opposiute side of the throttle body than the computer. but Ford dizzy is in front...hence the issue.
  9. How Functional is a Functional Rear Wing?

    I Was thinking the same thing. def installed backwards. maybe it is for high speed drifting? to take weight off the back so it can slide easier? :D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

  11. About 1969 mustang

    yeah, any of the other ones. sniper is the only one with the ECM on the front of the unit. FiTech it is seperate, so you can mount hte computer in your glove box or under a seat, away from other electronics. I had to go aftermarket dizzy and ignition box, all hyperspark. I could...
  12. About 1969 mustang

    the biggest headache with that is because the dist is so c lose to the computer you need to do some work to prevent RFI turning the computer off. I am having to ground out the air cleaner cover now, last weak point. I've got a few hundred miles without issue with no air cleaner, but the...
  13. About 1969 mustang

    I've had nothing but headaches with my holley sniper installed in my 86 bronco 351W truck. I've often considered ripping it all out and going back to carb and duraspark II setup back on it.
  14. Mustang Lime Green Seats

    where in bama? I work in mobile
  15. Mustang Lime Green Seats

    the lack of that option sucks. I got a red M1, really wanted the red interior. going tohave to do it aftermarket.
  16. Mustang Lime Green Seats

    what can I say, I'm very original and witty.
  17. 2022 non-HP to above HP conversion ALL STEEDA

    and what is that?
  18. What did you do to your M1 today

    what soap and sprayer do you use? cannot get wha tI have to foam up for crap
  19. What did you do to your M1 today

    M1 owners are more likely to drive them almost daily than GT350 owners. it is not a daily driver tire