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  1. Illinois FS - oem rear brake pads

    $100 shipped
  2. FS: division x fuel rails, id1300X injectors, spe pulleys, thermostat, dct lines

    I ran these for 4 months on e85, its winter now up here so im back to 93. injectors $1400 shipped fuel rails $300 shipped pulleys $75 each 2.6 and 2.7 belt for the pulleys $50 dct lines $150 shipped 170 thermostat - make an offer
  3. Towing Question for GT350

    i didnt want to do it on mine either but if its good enough for multimatica gt4’s, its good enough for me
  4. MoTeC M150 Package for 2020+Shelby GT500

    you also have unlimited funds with your turbo built motor car. You actually need it.
  5. Is this a heritage edition?

    I dont see a price
  6. CFTP wider tires?

    You can fit 345’s square…….1 of the grid life gt500 drivers does
  7. What horsepower mods have you done

    Anyone interested im selling id1300 injectors, division x fuel rails and an assortment if spe pulleys
  8. New 2022 GT500 For Sale

    Do they have to disclose why its bought back? Im looking to turn one into a full track car
  9. Wheels...baddest ones you've seen?

    Its nice seeing something other than signature wheels…..they're getting so played out
  10. Still a great track car?

    why 305/325 on a square setup? I would do 325/325
  11. Still a great track car?

    the problem is no one makes aftermarket parts for road racing the gt500. Cortex racing had one as a development, but i havent seen anything since 2020 moving the project forward. a serious gt350 racer i know had a 2020 cftp turned it into a track car and sold it 3months later for his 3rd...
  12. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP COTA! Craziest track day video yet! EA D2!

    HB has a full gt350 racecar like me @Goose17 im trying to find a way (other than trailering myself) to get my car down for track days in jan feb at cota you’re making me want to turn my gt500 into another track car lol
  13. Wheels...baddest ones you've seen?

    The cftp wheels look the best imho
  14. What horsepower mods have you done

    according to my shelby tech the stock computer can handle a 2.8 without a tune
  15. What horsepower mods have you done

    in chicago, its not fun, so im going back to 93/ 2.8 pulley/ stock injectors/ stock tune and putting cats back on…. anyone interedted in the parts let me know, only 100miles on them
  16. Which drag tires would you suggest?

    For strip m/t et street 305/40/18 toyo r888r for street